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Dec 18, 2008 - N Scale

News re Special Run of Deluxe Innovations Canadian Tire Containers




Dear N Scale Customers:

       As many of you already know, Deluxe Innovations is producing for us a special run of Canadian Tire Containers. An image of the official artwork is below.

Canadian Tire 53 ft Container Artwork N Scale

      We originally announced we were producing a 2 container set. Since then the factory has announced one price increase and the intention of adding another price increase in early January 2009.  The first set we were planning to produce is pretty much sold out (we have about 2-3 pieces left to allocate) and we have had a number of customers ask us if we would consider producing additional road numbers for the Canadian Tire Container.

      Also when costing out the price of the container it became apparent that the container's cost would go up due to the significant number of print impressions (hits) required to do this eye catching paint scheme.

      In an effort to keep the price at the original stated price we needed to come up with a solution that will keep the price the same and give our customers extra road numbers.  We were discussing the production details with Deluxe today and we have decided to make the following change to the production details. 

    So we will now produce a second set (package) of the containers. This will increase the production numbers and allow for a greater production run to spread the fixed charges over a larger number of containers.

    The second set of road numbers are below. If you would like some of the Sold Out first set of road numbers, let us know. We will probably have a customer or two that wouldn't mind switching some of their order(s) around to accommodate others.


Canadian Tire Container


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