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May 21, 2021 - N Scale

Micro-Trains - N Scale - PWRS Exclusive - SOO Line (SOO) 4 Pack 3 Bay ACF Set - Limited Stock Remaining!


Dear N Scale Customers:

- Shipping Update! -

The PWRS Exclusive Soo Line 4 pack Limited Edition cars are shipping now!

Orders were Very Heavy!

Which means there are less than 10 remaining!

Who will be the last 10 lucky customers to snatch them up?


As many of you know over the past few years, railroads have been pressing into service just about any old car that can move grains. Many times we have seen the ex SOO Line cars all over the Canadian Prairies.

We have tried to reproduce these as filthy, weather beaten, pitted, rusty, and patched. we are sure these are going to be a hit.


SOO Line 74160 3 Bay ACF Weathered

SOO Line 74209 3 Bay ACF Weathered

SOO Line 74351 3 Bay ACF Weathered

SOO Line 74406 3 Bay ACF Weathered


For a complete list of Special Run Micro Trains made for PWRS....Click Here


Reservations Due By: January 30th, 2020

Expected Release: June 2020 April 2021

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