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Jun 7, 2021 - N Scale

Micro-Trains - N Scale - PWRS Exclusive - 57 ft Converted TOFC Flat Car w/ 45 ft trailer - Canadian Pacific (CP)


N Scale

Dear N Scale Customers;


This 57’ 6” TOFC Flat Car CP Action Red with a white large CP Rail logo and white lettering was built in August 1978 Marine Industries of Quebec, Canada and received its U-1 wheel inspection stencil in 1978. The star to the left of the load limit signifies that this car is not capable of carrying the maximum load permitted so the car won’t be overloaded. This number cannot be changes except by the owner. CP 504485 runs on black roller bearing trucks and carries a 45’ CP trailer decorated with the black, white & red ‘Pacman’ logo.


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Order Due Date: May 15, 2021

Anticipated Delivery Date: March 2022

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