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Dear Modelers: A few months ago we were contacted by the Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation (SGCC). They shared with us the news, they were about to repaint some of their grain cars. At the time we could not share this information with any of you becuse we were asked not to, until permission was granted to do so by the SGCC.

Below you will see a picture of their first new car. This car was removed from hidden storage a few months ago and a pictue was taken for use by our Custom Painter. Please note the presence of snow. Oviously this picture was not taken recently.

We were asked to have custom decals done (to blueprint specifications) by one of our decal suppliers (in fact two Custom  Decal Producers collaboraed in the effort - more on that later).

We recently completed the first sample car and sent it to the SGCC. It is pictured below.

A number of our Shareholders and Board of Directors have requested a copy of the Custom Painted car. If any of you wish a copy please e mail us. We will make a few available.

The decals were authorized by the SGCC and are visibly correct.

If you wish to look up the item on our web site - please search under "HO", and "Custom Painted Engines". (we fooled you - we hid it under engines). It's item number is "999-H2091"

Thanks for your support. And we would like to thank the Government and the People of Saskatchewan for this Great Car.