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Dear N Scalers: Kato has some new information:


Latest news from Kato!

Gunderson MAXI-IV Well Cars

- N scale BNSF Maxi-IV reissue with new road number!

In the next few days Pacific Western Rail will be recieving a reissue of Kato's BNSF MAXI-IV cars (106-6111-run2), with a brand new road number! Please note Kato uses the same part number so we have added the"-run2" to the end of the SKU number so that we can insure we send you the correct part and road number. Be sure to use it when ordering.

About the BNSF MAXI-IV Well Cars:

The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad first took delivery of the MAXI-IV railcar in 2000. Ongoing deliveries of this car since that time have put thousands of these cars on the BNSF roster... these cars can now be seen on virtually any mainline railroad from coast to coast.

Stock # Paint Scheme Road Number MSRP
2nd release
Mineral Red 253504 $75
1st release
Mineral Red 253512 $75
106-6112 Mineral Red 253539 $75
106-6113 Mineral Red 253557




The MAXI-IVs feature a mix of metal alloy and plastic molding to give the cars both weight and detail.

Like the prototypical cars, the MAXI-IVs have two different sized wheels, used on the prototype to maximize weight distribution and support.

The Kato MAXI-IV well cars are exquisitely detailed, down to the brake wheels and piping, as seen here on the end of the B unit.

Prototype Information:

Intermodal container service is one of the most popular types of freight service on rails today. The Maxi-IV car is the mainstay of the U.S. domestic double-stack car fleet. Providing an optimum balance between tare weight and capacity, the Gunderson MAXI-IV is a 3-unit articulated double-stack car that can handle containers from 20-foot to 53-foot long in the well and containers 40-foot to 57-foot in the top, or double-stacked, position. As of a result of its versatility and sturdy construction, the MAXI-IV is now the mainstay of the U.S. domestic double-stack fleet. The popularity of this car on North American rails is underscored by its popularity with model railroaders today!

 Model Features:

  • The powerful appearance of this articulated car will be achieved using a metal injection-molded frame, enhanced by the extensive detail of piping and running board.
  • Like the prototype, the model will feature two different sized wheels! The two end trucks will have 33? scale wheels while the two middle trucks will have 38? scale wheels. (This is done on the prototype for weight bearing reasons, with the greater weight of the load being borne by the wheels of the mid-car trucks than by the wheels of the trucks on each end.)
  • This car will provide stable operation with or without container loads due to Kato?s new innovative heavier material steel compound plastic used for the construction of the well car.
  • Each container has a magnet and a metal plate to hold it securely to the well car bottom or to the top of the lower Kato container.
  • Shock absorber construction will provide smooth and stable operation, with or without the container loads. The KATO Kinematic trucks will maintain the prototypical appearance on straight track while delivering smooth operation on curved track.
  • KATO magnetic knuckle couplers will allow automatic coupling and uncoupling action.
  • Each set will include six removable and individually numbered 53-foot containers.
  • Our packaging will be designed for the separated storage of the articulated unit, providing ease and security when not in use.

- N scale TTX Maxi-IV restocked

Kato has recieved a restock on all three numbers of their TTX MAXI-IV stack cars (106-6114,6115,6116).

Stock # Paint Scheme Road Number MSRP
106-6114 TTX Yellow DTTX 732750 $75
106-6115 TTX Yellow DTTX 732753 $75
106-6116 TTX Yellow DTTX 732000 $75

About the TTX MAXI-IV Well Cars:

TTX leasing (originally known as the Train Trailer Company) is owned by many major railroads and hires out its cars for use all across North America. TTX has over 210,000 rail cars in service, 92-94% of which are in use on any given day, making this MAXI-IV unit a common sight on any railroad.



- M1 Tracksets now available
Our M1 Basic Oval and Power Pack track set (208501) has been shipped to Pacific Western Rail and should be showing up soon. This set is perfect for those who want to start a basic layout with their own locomotives... Click here for information about our N scale track sets!





Kato a hot new item for N Scalers - An N scale Starter set with track, power pack, locomotive, and cars; everything you need to create a fully functioning layout around the Christmas tree! Or a new M1 Starter set with the Track and the Kato Power Pack.

Also available for the first time in America are the Kato Unitrack Variation sets, which give you an all-in-one-box means of expanding your layouts with passing sidings, viaducts, switching yards, and more! The Starter Set and Variation sets 1, 2 and 3 are available now (with more coming in the future), so keep an eye out for these hot items during these cold months!

Also note that along with these sets, we have new shipments of phase III and IV P42s, Superliner sets, and Material Handling car sets! These will be a perfect accompaniment to your new Superliner set!

  • Amtrak P42 Starter Set includes:
  • Complete Unitrack oval layout with feeder track, power pack, and rerailer.
  • Amtrak P42 Phase IV Locomotive with new road number
  • Three Amtrak Phase IV Superliner Cars, a Sleeper, Coach, and Smoking Coach
  • Storage tray for holding spare Unitrack parts or locomotives
  • Maintenance manual


  • Basic Starter Set includes:
  • Complete Unitrack oval layout with feeder track, power pack, and rerailer.
  • Maintenance manual


  • Variation sets include:
  • All Unitrack pieces and accessories necessary to make a particular railroad layout, such as a passing siding or a bridge and viaduct loop.
  • Each box comes with suggested layouts that you can build with the different set combinations.

Item Number Description MSRP
106-0015 Amtrak P42 Superliner N Scale Starter Set $270
20-860-1 V1 - Mainline passing Siding Set $76
20-861-1 V2 - Single Track Viaduct Set $110
20-862-1 V3 - Rail Yard Switching Track set $125


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