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Broadway Limited Imports is proud to present these locomotive into the new BlueLine Family. These DC-Sound equipped locomotives are extremely smooth and powerful runners with sound that packs an incredible punch! Each BlueLine locomotive comes factory-fitted with our own proprietary sound system for DC--All at a price that you'd expect to pay for units without sound. And for all the DCC users out there, BlueLine doesn't disappoint. We've included a NMRA Standard DCC Socket so you can quickly and easily install your favorite decoder.

The factory installed sound system features the following:
Long Horn
Short Horn for Signaling
Alternate Horn
Variable Bell Interval-User definable
Automatic start up sequence
Automatic shut down sequence
Automatic Brake Set
Automatic Brake Release
Coupler Slack (DCC)
Coupler Close-Crash (DCC)
Dynamic Brake Grid Blower Motor
Automatic Flange Squeal when running
Automatic brake sound when slowing
Automatic Compressor
Spit Valve
Radiator Cooling Fan
Manual Air Release
Air Lines Filling
Fuel Fill
Individual adjustment of all sound volumes
Frequency Shift (to make double headed engines sound different)

Mechanical features include the following:
Powerful 5-pole can motor with flywheel
Die Cast Frame
Many exceptional prototypical added-on details
Prototypical cab interior
Operating headlight
Directional backup light
Lighted number boards
Headlight (dim head light in neutral)
Operating mars light where applicable
Authentic paint scheme and correct locomotive numbers
Magnetic knuckle couplers
RP-25 contour on drive wheels
Will operate on Code 70, 83 and 100 rail
Can be operated on minimum 18" radius curve.

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