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Micro-Mark--Small Tool Specialists

Hard-To-Find Tools for Modellers

Several customers have requested we bring in certain tools for them.  Many more may not know this sort of thing is even available.  Below you will find a few of the many, many tools and aids available from Micro-Mark. 

For everything listed, click on the link:


But here are some examples of the unique and helpful tools they can provide:


Resistance Soldering Tool at an Economical Price


Measures in 1 Degree Increments


Stripper for Micro Size Wire


Gripster Grabs It with the Push of a Button


Mini Metal-Bending Brake Machine



Four-Armed Holding Jig


Applicator Controls Excess Glue and Eliminates Accelerator Overspray


Micro Drill Chuck


Miniature lamps


Infra-Red Train Detector 


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