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Dear N Scale Customers,

Many of you have been wondering what's been going on with our special runs made by Intermountian. Due to sheduling and production related issues many of our and many of Intermountainss release dates have been delayed.

Intermountain has assured us that the issues which caused these delays (maintenance related) have been resolved and Intermountain has given us a revised production schedule.  In December, we gave you the first part of our revised N Scale Production Schedule.

We just received the IMC Global Cylindrical Hoppers. There will be a number of items coming in the next 4 months, which were explained in the release published on Nov 28th 2006.

In December we promised there would be a further release schedule for the next group of items to be released in the July - Oct 2007 period.

So here is the informtion and copy of the art work (supplied to us by Intermountain) re the second group of items: