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Dear N Scale Customers: Kato has just announced some new products. They have announced N Scale SD40 UP and Santa Fe in New road numbers.

Now we at Pacific Western Rail would like to issue a warning to our customers. Kato as many of you have noticed, have begun the practise of re-issuing products with the same part number as a previous release for the same item but with a different (new) road number. This as you can image will cause problems with orders.

In some cases we have inventory of the previous run with the first road number with the same product id #. We have added additional characters to the end of the SKU number to identify the new run. For example the new UP SD40 is 381-1762007-run2 (Road Number 3117)(March 2007 Release). The previous release from Kato was 381-1762007 (Road Number 3021). We have added "-run2".

Unfortunately we have contacted Kato and they are unwilling to change the way they identify their release numbers. So we will be using this system in the future, so it is important you identify the correct part (SKU Number) when ordering to insure you get the road number and release you requested. We hope this will help for the time being. We have explained the situation to Kato and Kato Japan, they will not change the way they identify the products for the North American Market. We do apologize for the duplication of the part number but we have no other choice in this matter. If you have any questions please feel free to call or e mail us.

So here are the two new engines:

Prototype Information

Powered by EMD?s 16 cylinder, 3000hp engine, the SD40 provided more pulling power than its SD38 predecessor at the cost of greater complexity and maintenance requirements with its turbocharged engine.  Stylistically, the SD40 locomotives sported three 48 inch radiator fans at the rear of the long hood and a straight radiator section, unlike the flared radiator of the SD45.


These items are a re-release using the same item numbers of Kato's N scale SD40 UP and ATSF locomotive, and includes our Bright-white? LED headlight, high mount brake cylinders, MU hose detail and our magnetic knuckle coupler. Both locomotives have a NEW road number, and the mechanism is DCC friendly for a drop-in installation.