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Dear HO Modlers: Please find below sample photos of the soon to be released new tooling for the Canadian Built Slab Side Hopper. We are taking reservations now. We expect 6 road numbers of each type.

These Slab-Side Hoppers were made in the 1950's by National Steel Car and Maine Industries. The prototypes for this series of Hoppers were in regular use from 1950 to the late 1970's.  These hoppers were used only by Canadian railways.  "Slab-Sides" hoppers carried numerous kinds of bulk powdered commodities that had to be kept dry; like chemicals used in agricultural to dust from zinc processing.

   Several were different variations for the four Canadian railways that owned these unique cars; Canadian Pacific Railway, Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo, Canadian National Railway, and Pacific Great Eastern.

  • 997-1030   Canadian Slab Side Covered Hoppers 6 Hatch Riveted - Undec (Open sill, riveted car)










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TrueLine Trains has also released to us new images of the soon to be produced CN Cabooses. So here they are to enjoy.

"Announcing the finest model CN caboose ever produced. The Canadian market has never seen a caboose that so correctly defines the thousands of cabooses used by Canadian National. These cabooses have correct roofs, ends undercarriage as well as other GREAT perfections. Only the limitations of the molding have limited our ability to produce these incredible cars, Features: Prototypically correct for CN, Correct era roof panels, Correct era ends, Hand applied parts, TLT RP25 Leaf spring truck frames, Blackened ribbed back dofasco wheels, Mchenry #43 scale couplers, The finest and most crisp decorating you have ever seen."


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TrueLine Trains has also supplied us with copies of the artwork image files for the new CN, CV, and DWP Cabooses coming this fall. So have a look:




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