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Train Addiction Help Line: 1.866.840.7777



Dear HO Scale Modelers:  Athearn has just announced a sound upgrade program for a select group of their Genesis "F" unis. Available very soon will be Very Limited Quantities, of these upgraded locomotives that will enhance your operating experience of these beautifully rendered models.

To take advantage of his limited release program, please contact Pacific Western Rail immediately. As stated above, Athearn has told us "these will be very limited quantities and will probably disapear quickly".

We at Pacific Western Rail have a special offer for our customers. All of the items listed below will be on sale for the next 30 days (Dec 18 2006)(or less if items are pre-sold out). All items are 30% off suggested retail. Thats right 30% off Athearn's MSRP. The one condition - all orders must be paid for when ordered and no cancellations. 

Call and order today (866) 840-7777


Key Features

Researched from the prototype to match specific units
Factory installed onboard sound and DCC decoder
Individual sound boards installed in both A and B units
Genesis driveline with dynamically balanced five pole skew wound motor and dual flywheels
Directional constant lighting
Separately applied photo etched and injection molded detail parts
Cab interior

Detailed Information

DC Mode Features
All sound functions are operated by a wireless handheld remote (DC mode only). No additional control box is required to access advanced sound features.
The six-button wireless remote allows control of the horn, bell, coupler crash, brake squeal, dynamic brake and brake air release.
Additional programmable features allow for different bell and horn tones, coupler on/off, bell rate, directional lights on/off and volume control.
Allows for creation of multiple unit lashup with horn, bell and lights on the lead unit only.

DCC Mode Features
Compatible with all NMRA standard DCC systems
Programable for either 2 digit or 4 digit address
Programable start voltage
Programable acceleration/deceleration rate
Programmable top voltage
Programmable speed steps
Programmable individual unit sound volume
Factory equipped with specific prototypical lighting effects, which can include
Gyralight OR Mars Light OR beacon
Advanced consisting
Access to nineteen accessory sound functions


F1 Bell on/off

F2 Horn

F3 Air Release

F4 Coupling

F5 Brake release (idle)/Brake sqeal (moving)

F6 Dynamic brake

F7 Coupler arm

F8 Coupler fire

F9 Engine cooling fan

F10 Rail clickety-clack

F11 Air compressor

F12 Sound on/off

F13 Door close

F14 Coupling crash

F15 Air pump

F16 Exhaust

F17 Short air release

F18 Safety valve

F19 Horn type #1 Doppler effect