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Dear HO and N Scale Customers: Here are the Graphic Art Drawings of our 6th Mystery Car. The car will be produced in May 2007. The Art Work for the car has been approved. All customers who want to gaurantee a car need to make sure their reservation is placed and confirmed by Dec 15th 2006.

Below is the art work for both sides. There are two major unique aspects re this car: Please note the word "Radar" in green on one side of the car. The other unique feature of the car is the repainted words "Canadien National" in black to the right side of car on the Brake Wheel End. This is truely a one of kind Grain Hopper sure to enhance your layout.

Please note: We already have enough car reserved to complete the run on this car. We will not be making any extra cars over and beyond those reserved by customers. So if you want  one call now - not in May.

Call Pacific Western Rail Today to Order (866) 840-7777