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Company Policy > Order and Payment Policies


Contrary to the practice of many companies, PWRS has never required a deposit on each and every order. Some exceptions to this policy � such as on orders for brass engines/rolling stock or special orders (which cannot be cancelled) � do exist, though we have waived them for customers who repeatedly do business with us in a reliable and dependable manner.


Recently, however, we have been forced to assess the administrative time and effort spent chasing after payment for some on-line orders.Most often we have no trouble contacting the customer, establishing a good business relationship, and then maintaining that relationship over time.


However, there are a handful of customers who order and then either forget, regret, or otherwise change their minds about their orders. This category of customer costs us all time and money and detracts from our ability to serve other customers efficiently. These customers are, therefore, requiring PWRS to modify certain of our business practices and policies to limit our financial exposure and prudently manage our staff resources.


Therefore, we are changing our policy with regard to accepting and placing orders. This change will not affect the large majority of our customers, only the few who routinely create order and payment problems.


Effective May 31, 2010, Pacific Western Rail Systems will not place any order nor put in any purchase order for any PORTERS or shopping cart order that has no �Method of Payment� established.New customers must contact us if they have not been successfully contacted by one of our staff within two business days (48 hours) of placing an order.This means that if one of our staff members calls and leaves a message, you must email a time and phone number for a second call, or you must call our toll-free to arrange payment over the phone.


For existing customers, there must be a valid credit card with permission to charge granted for when the product arrives. Or there must be a deposit on account made by credit card, cash, check, or money order routinely deposited in advance of any order(s) or purchase order(s) being entered for you, unless other prior arrangements have been established.


Or, in the case of pick-up customers, there is an expectation that when you are called to advise you that product is here for you, you will come and pick up and pay for that product within thirty (30) days. If you DO NOT pick up and pay for your products within this thirty-day window, we will reduce your discounts and your product(s) may be sold to other customers with valid payment information/instructions.


Brass engines, and special orders, and some special, announced products, such as The Canadian (train set), must have a non-refundable deposit of 25% on account in advance of the order being placed with the manufacturer. The balance of the total payment due on the order must be made within thirty (30) days after the product arrives at PWRS.


PWRS reserves the right to make exceptions to these policies on a case-by-case basis � e.g., for those customers whose accounts are typically in good standing.


We will require deposits in advance for those customers who have given us cause to believe it necessary to protect the financial health and viability of PWRS and our shareholders.


For customers who object to the use of credit cards or prefer to authorize each and every charge, we prefer to receive deposits on account and to have those customers make payments in a planned and routine manner before and after products arrive.A large amount of goods expected in a short time or all at once, which the customer wishes to pay for over time, should have a deposit on account in advance of their arrival.


Customers who routinely neglect to monitor their orders and provide payment, without having to be contacted, may be required to make deposits when they order. They will also be in danger of having their discounts reduced or eliminated.


The discounts we offer customers will depend upon their promptness and reliability in paying off their in-stock product. Discounts may also be affected by the amount of staff time required to get payment for goods ordered.


Customers who presently have in-stock, unpaid product(s) with a value of $1,000 or more will be expected to pay down that value before we accept any new order for them. Again, any exceptions will be based on prior experience with the customer and his/her willingness to work with us to address any payment issues.


������ PWRS reserves the right � at its sole discretion � to refuse to accept reservations for future orders from any customer who � in the considered determination of the Company � has in the past abused our reservation polices, and/or who has refused to pay for and accept delivery of reserved products brought in for them. In such cases, PWRS may agree to accept any reservation from those customers when full payment for the �Coming Soon� product is made at the time of the reservation.


PWRS also may require � at its sole discretion � a nonrefundable deposit of 40% for any reservation order placed by a customer who has in the past cancelled orders. In addition, PWRS may require immediate payment in-full from any such customer for in-stock product or for that product which is confirmed to be immediately available from our suppliers.


PWRS is committed to providing the best possible means for scale model train product lovers, both collectors and modelers, to obtain the products they need and love. We will always attempt to work with our customers (especially in circumstances of hardship) and provide the best level of service possible. Simultaneously, we must also protect and maintain the viability of the Company that exists to serve them. Therefore, any imposition of any of these policies will be done for that purpose and that purpose only.