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PWRS Return Policy


For products of North American Rail Car Corporation or special/limited runs from Pacific Western Rail Systems:


For all Pacific Western Rail Systems limited or special runs, we are committed to the highest standards of product quality, customer service and satisfaction:


1. If you receive a Pacific Western Rail Systems car that is defective in any way, we will replace that car absolutely free. If we are out of stock, we will issue a refund instead. This defective replacement guarantee is good for the first thirty (30) days of ownership.

2. For North American Railcar Corporation cars, the same high standard as that for PWRS applies. If you get a car that is defective, call us immediately. Our guarantee of quality is absolute for the first thirty (30) days after delivery. After that, we will try to keep you running with necessary parts and/or repairs.

3. If you buy one of our cars, either PWRS or NARCorp, and are not satisfied with the quality, you may call within fifteen (15) days and ask for a Return Authorization Number as set forth below. This satisfaction guarantee supersedes the convenience return below.



For all products other than those of Pacific Western Rail Systems or North American Railcar Corporation, the following applies:


The return policy at Pacific Western Rail Systems is different for the products manufactured by companies like Athearn, Atlas, Intermountain, Kato, etc., and the products manufactured for Pacific Western Rail Systems as limited or special runs.


We are still committed to selling quality products and delivering outstanding customer service.As a result, we allow three types of returns of product: Shipping Error Returns, Convenience Returns and Defective Merchandise Returns (although exclusions may apply). All types of returns require a Return Authorization Number.


The information we need to issue the return authorization is:

1. The number of the invoice enclosed with the product.

2. The stock number and quantity to be returned.

3. The reason for the return.


To contact us for a return authorization, CALL the Toll Free: 1-866-840-7777 or EMAIL us at [email protected].


All returns from US customers must be insured and sent to: PWRS at 250 H Street, PMB 779, Blaine, Washington 98230, USA.

All returns from Canadian customers must be insured and sent to: PWRS at Unit 68, 15515 24th Ave., Surrey V4A 2J4, Canada.





Receiving the wrong goods, or getting the wrong engine type or number is our error and is considered a Shipping Error. If we make errors on product shipments, we'll make it right at no cost to you. (Note:the thirty (30) day time limit applies to this type of return.)


Every now and then, a customer gets a whole package or a single item that s/he did not order or that was supposed to go to another customer - a mis-ship. We give mis-ships priority attention. If that should happen to you, please call PWRS immediately; we may issue an RMA or simply resolve the problem. We'll reimburse shipping for the return of the package or item and we'll rectify the problem. If we make the mistake, we'll fix it at our cost. (Note:the thirty (30) day time limit applies to this type of return as well.)


NOTE:Exchanges to rectify customer errors do come under the category of convenience returns; they will be accommodated whenever possible.



You have ten (10) days from the receipt of the product to request a Return Authorization Number. Credit can be issued only after inspection of the merchandise after it has been received by PWRS. Product must be in restockable condition with no damaged packaging. There will be a restocking fee of 40% on accepted returns.



Pacific Western Rail Systems stands behind our products, as do the manufacturers of products we sell. All defective merchandise will be either repaired or replaced at our discretion, subject to the manufacturer's existing product warranties and policies. For quality control purposes, we require that you clearly identify the product defect when contacting us for a return authorization. All defective merchandise must be reported within thirty (30) days of receipt. Unless it is our proprietary product, no shipping reimbursement will be included for returns, but we will not charge shipping for the replacement product either.


If returned to us, defective merchandise will be inspected and/or tested. Customers are expected to be knowledgeable enough to use proper track-cleaning, engine maintenance, and other modeling techniques. Defects to equipment caused by dirty track (fouling pick-up on engines, for example) or accidents, falls, etc. (breaking off parts, damaging trucks or couplers) are not considered defective merchandise returns.


Breakage, to be considered defective, must be claimed as soon as delivery of the product is taken. Exceptions for customers will be made on a case by case basis and need to be founded in fact and evidence. Over the years, experience dictates that damage due to shipping or from the factory, is reported within ten days of receipt and evidence in the form of pictures is frequently, though not necessarily, provided. Any other claim, therefore, may be denied for proper cause.


Should a customer desire service of an engine, repair of parts damaged on cars, or other service, that may be arranged as a customer service issue. Any charge for such service will be as minimal as possible, but the customer would have to pay for shipping.



Pacific Western Rail Systems is committed to customer service and wish to make our exclusions as few and fair as possible. We cannot accept:

Unauthorized Returns

Limited Run Returns

Discontinued Merchandise Returns

Special Order Returns

Reservation Product Returns

Sale Returns


These are general categories to which we may always make exceptions in extraordinary and appropriate circumstances. However, any exception must be authorized and specifically entered as a matter of record.


In addition, we have found that most manufacturers who deal in electrical or electronic parts, such as engines with or without decoders, prefer that customers return their defective products directly to them. This allows the manufacturer to repair or replace the engine as needed, but it also helps them to determine any problems that may need to be corrected.


The following manufacturers require their products be returned directly to them. Please contact them for specific instructions regarding return of their product. A Pacific Western Rail Systems return authorization is not required.Shipping reimbursement is not generally done by manufacturers (or us); however, they may add free gifts or offer other services without charge when it is necessary to return product to them; whatever is done is at their discretion and no customer should expect anything in particular unless expressly so stated on their public website or to them personally, in writing.



Athearn and Athearn Genesis

2883 E Spring Street, Suite 100

Long Beach, CA 90806-6834




378 Florence Ave

Hillside, New Jersey 07205 USA


Bachmann Trains

1400 East Erie Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19124



Broadway Limited

4 Signal Ave., Suite C

Ormond Beach, Florida 32174


Circuitron, Inc.

211 RocBaar Drive

Romeoville, IL 60446-1163


Digitrax, Inc.

2443 Transmitter Road

Panama City, Florida 32404-3157




100 Remington Road

Schaumburg, Illinois 60173 USA



978 250 1494
P.O. Box 143
Chelmsford, MA 01824

Micro Structures



MRC Model Rectifier Corporation


200 Carter Drive

Edison, New Jersey 08817 USA


MTH (Mike’s Train House)

7020 Columbia Gateway Drive

Columbia, MD 21046



Precision Craft Models


4 Signal Ave

Ormond Beach, Florida 32174



Rapido Trains, Inc.


500 Alden Road, Unit 16
Markham, Ontario L3R 5H5






(970) 259-0690

210 Rock Point Drive

Durango, Colorado 81301


Please note, manufacturers may request direct shipment of returns to them because more damage may occur with excessive shipping and handling. Or they also require direct contact with them first because they may be able to resolve problems without a return; and for that reason, manufacturers may contact customers during normal business hours for the purpose of discovering the nature of the problem and attempting resolution of problems without the necessity of a return.



Thank you,

PWRS Management