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HO Scale > Close Outs > Structures > Walthers Bldgs/Kits

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Road SKU Description Price Status
1. 933-1095 Walthers Kits HO Scale - Cornerstone Series Built-Ups - Working Street Lamps - Double Arm Lamp (Replaced by 949-4308) (1 left) $19.98 US Add to Cart
2. 933-2845 Walthers HO Scale - Cornerstone Series Built-Ups - Trackside & Yard Buildings $60.98 US Add to Cart
3. 933-2919 Walthers Bldgs/Kits - Cornerstone Series(R) Quonset Hut False-Front Store $29.98 US Add to Cart
4. 933-2969 Walthers - HO Scale - Rail Shops Cornerstone Series(R) Built-ups Transfer Table Pit Extension $79.98 US Add to Cart
5. 933-3066-reprint1 Walthers Cornerstone - HO Scale - Waterfront Series - Pier Terminal Building - Kit $59.98 US Add to Cart
6. 933-3069-reprint1 Walthers Cornerstone - HO Scale - Waterfront Series - Front Street Warehouse - Kit $54.98 US Add to Cart
7. 933-3119 Walthers Bldgs/Kits - HO Scale - Cornerstone Series(R) EMD 567 Prime Mover $9.98 US Add to Cart
8. 933-3150 Walthers Bldgs/Kits - Cornerstone Series(R) Heavy Duty Overhead Crane - 11 x 2-3/8 x 2-5/16" (27.5 x 5.9 x 5.7cm) $17.98 US Add to Cart
9. 933-3152 Walthers Cornerstone - HO Scale - Railroad Car Float Kit $49.98 US Add to Cart
10. 933-3766 Walthers Cornerstone Series - HO Scale - Fire Department Drill Tower - Kit $24.98 US Add to Cart
11. 933-3782 Walthers - HO Scale - Cornerstone Structures - US Post Office -Kit - 13-1/2 x 7-1/16 x 7-1/4" 33.7 x 17.9 x 18.1cm $64.98 US Add to Cart
12. 933-3906 Walthers Bldgs/Kits - Cornerstone Series(R) - Superior Paper - Paper Rolls (Resin) $14.98 US Add to Cart
13. 933-4067 Walthers Cornerstone - HO Scale - Modern Concrete Warehouse Kit - 16-5/8 x 8-3/8 x 5-11/16in 42.23 x 21.27 x 14.45 cm $49.98 US Add to Cart
14. 933-4068 Walthers Cornerstone - HO Scale - Truck & Rail Scale Kit $24.98 US Add to Cart
15. 933-4076 Walthers Cornerstone - HO Scale - Modern Guard Shack Kit $29.98 US Add to Cart
First | Previous | Next | 1 | Last | Items: 1 to 15 (15 total)