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BLMA Models - HO Scale - Cantilever Signal Bridge (SKU 176-4020)

Due to popular demand, BLMA has entered the HO Scale market with innovative, new products! with a line of extremely popular N Scale detail accessories available, BLMA is committed to bringing the same accute attention to detail to their HO line that N Scalers have known.
This is the second bridge in our line of extremely accurate, all-metal Signal Bridges. Hundreds of cantilevers were produced and are still standing today; this model works for transition era modeling or modern modeling.
The Prototype:
Cantilever Signal Bridges have been a part of railroading since the early 1900's. Many early style Cantilever bridges are still holding strong in spots all across the country; but slowly, they are being replaced by modern counterparts due to increased safety restrictions by the FRA (and perhaps OSHA) to keep signal maintainers safe while working on these structures.
The first prototype to be released is a common Santa Fe/Southern Pacific style bridge seen literally all over the USA. Still standing strong today, the prototype is located at the very west end of Fullerton, CA, on the BNSF mainline at a spot called "Basta".

Research & Development:
As simple as they appear, Cantilever signal bridges often include complex curves and many fine details. In order to get our bridge as accurate as possible, we literally took dimensions off of the prototype bridge.
After acquiring the dimensions, we used a CAD program to generate a rendering of the main components of the bridge, then placed the rendering over a photograph to faithfully recreate every detail down to the placement of rivets.
As you can see from the pictures, the bridge curves and support bars line up perfectly. We painstakingly recreated EVERY rivet on the bridge in it's proper location. Our bridge kit is a TRUE scale model.
The Model:
Below are quick photos of the HO Scale pre-production bridge. Once painted and equipped with our Signal Heads, this model will really come to life.

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