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BLI Paragon3 - N Scale - EMD F7A - Southern Pacific (SP) 6315 (Black Widow Scheme) Paragon3 Sound/DC/DCC (SKU 187-3812)

Available On: February 1, 2020


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This N Scale EMD F7A - Unpowered F7B from Broadway Limited is ideal for your 1950s to 1970s layout. The F7 was the fourth model in GM-EMDs successful line of F unit locomotives, and by far the best-selling cab unit of all time. In fact, more F7s were built than all other F units combined. It succeeded the F3 model in GM-EMDs F unit sequence, and was replaced in turn by the F9. Final assembly was at GM-EMDs La Grange, Illinois plant or GMDs London, Ontario facility. The F7 differed from the F3 primarily in internal equipment (mostly electrical) and some external features. Its continuous tractive effort rating was 20% higher (e.g. 40,000lb (18,000kg) for an F7 with 65 mph (105 km/h) gearing, compared to 32,500lb (14,700kg) for an F3 with the same gearing.) A total of 2,366 cab-equipped lead A units and 1,483 cabless-booster or B units were built. (Note: the B unit is often referred to as an F7B, whereas the A unit is simply an F7. For clarity, BLI refers to A units as F7A.) Many F7s remained in service for decades, as railroads found them economical to operate and maintain. However, the locomotive was not very popular with yard crews who operated them in switching service because they were difficult to mount and dismount, and it was also nearly impossible for the engineer to see hand signals from a ground crew without leaning way outside the window. As most of these engines were bought and operated before two-way radio became standard on most American railroads, this was a major point of contention. In later years, with the advent of the road switchers such as the EMD GP7, F units were primarily used in through freight and unit train service where there was very little or no switching to be done on that line of road. Cabless F7B units were used to increase power of locomotive consists and were often used with GP, SD and compatible diesels from other builders.
This detailed F7A- unpowered F7B set features full Paragon3 sound and DCC for realistic sound and motor control complete with back EMF for smooth slow speeds. The Paragon3 sound system works with all Broadway Limited Rolling Thunder(TM) advanced sound systems. The F7B is unpowered. Other features include a heavy die cast body and chassis; smooth-running drive, applied details; directional warm white LED lighting and magnetic knuckle couplers. The N Scale EMD F7 can be operated on all DCC systems as well as on standard DC railroads (with limited sound functionality). This model has wheels profiled to operate on Code 55 and larger rail and curves of 9.75" radius or larger are recommended. The detailed diesel comes in multiple roadnumbers for each railroad when appropriate. The EMD F7A - Unpowered F7B set is one of several  Broadway Limited N Scale Paragon3 locomotives.


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