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Oct 6, 2017 - Periodical News

New NARC HO & N Scale Blue K+S Potash Canada NSC Potash Service Covered Hoppers (Update)

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Photo Courtesy of John Henricks


Dear Customers:

K+S just sent us images of their new blue hoppers in Cincinnati last week. They are starting to be released for domestic delivery acress North America. You should start to see them on all Class 1 Rail Systems soon.

New K+S Domestic Cars

K+S Potash Canada is purchasing a fleet of NSC Potash Service hoppers very similar to the NSC 4300 cubic foot cars currently in use with Canpotex and Potash Corp. The fleet will be divided into domestic and export divisions with two variations of the cars depending on the use of the car. This second production of new cars from NSC will be used exclusively for domestic shipments of potash throughout North America and will be seen on all major North American railroads.

Earlier this year, North American Railcar Corporation asked K+S if we could make a few suggestions for paint schemes on the new cars. They took our suggestions, made a few minor changes and you can see the results in the photo below as the first car rolled out of the paint shop in Hamilton, Ontario, in June 2017. As can be seen in the below picture from Cincinnati, Ohio, these cars are now is use across North America:


Can you picture a string of a hundred of these cars rolling across the Southern Saskatchewan prairie pulled by three red Canadian Pacific engines with the blue and yellow canola seed in full bloom on a hot summer evening?

K+S Potash Canada has changed the arrangement of the hatches on the roof to allow for faster loading of the cars. Note in the pictures above the car has ten roof supports rather than eleven or twelve found on the Canpotex and Saskatchewan potash cars. This change will be incorporated into the new tooling for this version of the car.

North American Railcar Corporation will produce 48 road numbers in eight six car sets in the first release. Expected release is late 2018.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank K+S Potash Canada for allowing Pacific Western Rail Systems & North American Railcar Corporation to be involved in this process.

You can also click on this link to the official announcement in Progressive Railroading.

Click on this link to see new International Rail Cars arrive at K+S Potash Canada's Legacy Mine Project

Click on this link to watch video of the opening of the new Legacy Mine

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Expected Release: December 2018


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