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NARC - National Steel Car NSC 5431cuft 3 Bay Hopper
NARC NSC Nutrien hopper
Marine Industries 4550cuft 4 Bay Cylindrical Hopper
PWRS_Bowser SD40 CP 5500
Royal Hudson Touring Set
5092cf BCR Boxcar
NARC 5077








Have you noticed that the model train industry is changing?
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   Welcome to our new website!!!!   We appreciate the patience of all of our N scale and HO scale customers in Canada, the United States, and overseas, and welcome you to this new grand opening. Please bear with us in a few areas, as they are still under construction.   All of the staff here at PWRS and the new outside sales force we now have, welcome you to come shop with us and are here to serve your model railroad needs. 

   We have a lot of new and exciting product releases planned for the next 18 months, and will be releasing details on them in the next 2 months.  We are excited about this new website, as it makes our jobs more efficient and provides better service to all of our customers.

   If you want to sort and look at Coming Soon, In Stock, Close outs (Specials),  Or New Arrivals simply go to the top right and choose which one you are most interested in looking at. Please note the manufacturer will be displayed on the far left hand side of the page as in some cases there are too many manufacturers to display across the top of the page. If you would like to use our new "Search Engine" then go to the extreme top right hand side of the Home Page and left click on the Magnifying Glass Icon. This will bring up the New Search Engine. (Please note that by pressing the "Reset" button you can change the search characteristics).

   Also if you want to search for a particular item you can left click on the catagory and use the first letter of the item you are looking for on your keyboard.

For example; to find Union Pacific, just left click with the mouse and highlight the fist railroad you see. Then hit the letter "U" on your keyboard until "Union Pacific" appears. Then hit "Search" and everything--Coming Soon, New Arrivals, In Stock, Available, Call for Availability--all Union Pacific items we can still get for you will apear. 

Try it - you will not be disapointed. It will save you hours of time. No more scrolling through pages and pages like our previous web site.

Please note: there are many items we do not stock but can get for you (if still available from suppliers) these are marked "Available". We will try our best to help you but please remember many of these items can sometimes be unavailable due to temporary shortages at the manufacturer in question.

Some of those "Available" items may be a future release and we will be happy to reserve them for you.

The reason we do not stock "Available" items is because the demand is not sufficent to warrant stocking. But we would be happy to order them for you.

   If you have any questions, call your outside salesman or one of the staff here at PWRS at 1-866-840-7777. We would be more than happy to give you a personal, guided tour around the new site.

   PLEASE NOTE: the "News Releases" for N and HO Scale can be accessed by going to "Media" on the top of the Home Page and then looking on the far left side of the web site for "News". From there you can choose N or HO Scale.