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Jul 24, 2009 - HO Scale

Have You Noticed That The Model Train Industry Is Changing?


 Have you noticed that the model train industry
is changing?

So has Pacific Western Rail Systems!

     It used to be that when makers of model railroad products came out with a new item, they would produce a fixed number of units based upon a guess about the quantity they could sell but not knowing the true demand for the product.  After the initial surge of sales, the item would languish – sometimes for years – on the shelves of the manufacturer, the distributor or the retailer (or maybe at all of them).  That meant that if you didn’t buy the product when it first came out, you could almost always find it later and usually at a big discount because after a certain point whoever had it just wanted to get it sold.

That was THEN.  This is NOW:

     With the immediacy and reach of the internet, manufacturers are pre-announcing products – determining the true demand for a new product based upon pre-orders – and are making only enough units to fill the pre-orders (and, maybe, a few extras in case of damage, etc.), meaning that if you don’t get your order in BEFORE the item is produced, your chances of getting the product are pretty slim.

     So, now, to make sure that you get the new products you want (and ordered), you need to:

      ?    Make sure you know about all new product pre-announcements (hobby magazines
                  lag new announcements sometimes by 1 to 2 months, or more).
      ?    Deal with a reputable retailer that enables easy order placement and who will be
                  around for the long-term.
      ?    Buy from a retailer who will work hard for you to get you the products you want 
                  and ordered (in case a product run gets “shorted” for example – in which case the
                  manufacturer actually makes FEWER units than were pre-ordered, which does
      ?    Work with a retailer that has the staff to provide you the service you desirve
                  when you need help,  have a question, a problem or otherwise need to talk to a human.

     If this makes sense to you, you need to check out the new PWRS and our powerful, flexible on-line PORTERS* account.  PORTERS is not just an on-line shopping cart, it’s a tool for you to see all new product announcements in one place (and place orders for them if you wish), see and track all past orders, control your shipping costs by controlling when and how your products are shipped, and search our product database – that’s got the entire Walthers catalog and MORE – using the most powerful, flexible and easy to use search tool in the industry.   

     Best of all, you can have all this AND purchase products at attractive price discounts. AND if you have a problem or otherwise need help, we have a staff of service agents (we DO NOT have commissioned sales people anymore) that you can actually get a hold of to help you.
    But that's not all we offer:  we will be rolling out our new frequent buyer/customer rewards program - PORTERS Points - in the next few weeks.  PORTERS Points rewards you for purchases made using your PORTERS Account - rewards that can be used to purchase any product PWRS carries or to acquire unique, limited-run products from selected manufacturers.  PORTERS Points will be awarded for all purchases made after February 1, 2009 - so don't wait to start purchasing using a PORTERS Account because you start earning rewards today. 

     So, if you don’t have a PORTERS account, call us at (866) 840-7777 or visit us at today and see what more than 2,500 fellow model railroaders already know:

     The model train industry HAS changed… 
And so has Pacific Western Rail Systems!

Don’t take our word for it!
Go to the above webpage and read testimonials from our customers.

*PORTERS stands for:
Personal Order, Relationship, Tracking, Entry and Reporting System.

   Porters used to take care of rail travelers. 
See how our PORTERS can take care of you!

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