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Oct 22, 2018 - Books

Book - The TTX Story (Two-Volume Set)


Dear Customers:  One of our customers dropped into the office on Saturday and asked us to order a new two volume book set that is being published by the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society about TTX.


TTX is privately-owned by North America’s leading railroads and functions as the industry’s railcar cooperative, operating under pooling authority granted by the Surface Transportation Board the successor to the ICC. Given TTX’s ownership, we seek to maximize railcar efficiency and not margins; TTX is not about pulling profits from the industry but instead about delivering a right-sized, well-maintained fleet, with the lowest possible costs that serve the railroads’ customer’s needs. And, TTX’s members are free to pursue their own car supply strategies too – there is no obligation to use TTX equipment. Finally, the members are permitted to take cars OFF of car hire after a period of five days (called “turn back”); in effect, they only pay for the TTX cars when the cars are needed to move business.


This would be a great set for anyone who likes TOFC, auto rack, Railbox, Railgon, and special equipped railcars.

Here is the background information:


The TTX Story 1


The TTX Story

A Two-Volume Set

by James D. Panza

Richard W. Dawson

Ronald P. Sellberg

The Pennsylvania Railroad and Rail-Trailer Co. formed Trailer Train Co. in 1955 to expand piggyback service amongst the nation's railroads. PRR intially managed TTX, which expanded its ownership to 41 railroads. The 62-year journey started with 500 flatcars in 1956 and grew to over 161,000 cars (TOFC, auto rack, Railbox, Railgon, and special equipped) today.

The authors, combined, have over 90 years of service with Trailer Train/TTX. They present much "insider" information on company decisions, car design, and the shift to container intermodal service. The books are hardbound, all-color, horizontal format, and total 624 pages.


The TTX Story 2


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