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Jul 25, 2022 - Z Scale

Columbus Trainmaster - Z Scale - New Lumber Loads from Canadian Mills!

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Dear Z Scale Customers;

Check out the brand new annoucements from Columbus Trainmasters of the lumber loads from Canadian Mills! As I was putting some of these up I realized I was picking up on the logos and thought, I know I saw these on the tracks before, and yep, it's true!


Grab them up before they're gone 'Eh!?



High Yield Pulp

RYAM’s High-Yield Pulp (HYP) business is one of the world’s leading producers of hardwood high-yield pulp. With nearly double the yield of traditional market pulps, our HYP requires fewer trees to make the same amount of paper and its superior bulk allows paper and board

RYAM technical sales team works closely with customers worldwide to define needs, and we tailor our high-yield hardwood pulp manufacturing process to meet precise customer specifications.

High-yield hardwood pulp

RYAM is the world’s leading producer of high-yield hardwood pulp. Two Canadian operations produce our Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified (FSC®-C017431) Temcell® product using virgin aspen and maple fiber from Canadian forests. Notably, RYAM is the only producer of high-yield maple pulp.

With nearly double the yield of traditional market pulps, our high-yield pulp requires fewer trees to make the same amount of paper. Its superior bulk also allows paper manufacturers to use less fiber. As a result, our product has a cost advantage over other types of pulps.

We tailor our manufacturing process to meet customer specifications, using the most appropriate hardwood fiber for the papermaker’s end product. Applications include:

  • Coated and uncoated papers
  • Paperboard and linerboard
  • Tissue and toweling

In comparison with other types of pulps, high-yield pulp has significantly lower environmental impact in terms of effluent discharge, air emissions and energy consumption. All this makes our product an attractive alternative for papermakers.


Wood Products

Wood is one of the most versatile and renewable resources. Not only is it the most sustainable building material, it is energy-efficient and cost-effective. From the flooring right up to your rooftop, Resolute’s wood products are the natural choice for today’s environmentally conscious homeowner.

  • 22 facilities
  • 2.9 billion board feet of construction-grade lumber capacity

Framing the Spaces We Live In

Resolute Forest Products is a leading producer of lumber and other wood products for the residential construction and home renovation markets, as well as for specialized structural and industrial applications.

With an annual production capacity of 2.9 billion board feet, our 14 sawmills in Canada produce construction-grade stud and dimension spruce-pine-fir lumber and are a major source of wood chips for our pulp and paper mills, while our three sawmills in the United States produce construction-grade dimension lumber and decking products from locally sourced southern yellow pine. In 2021, we shipped 2 billion board feet of construction-grade lumber and decking within North America.

Our sawmills also supply wood residue to our other segments, to be used as fuel to produce electricity and steam based on renewable sources.

Located in Quebec, our two remanufactured wood products facilities produce bed frame components, finger joints and furring strips, while our two engineered wood products facilities produce flooring I-joists for the construction industry. We also operate a wood pellet plant in Ontario. 



A random Length spruce and fir sawmill facility with a passion for safety, located in beautiful Northern Maine.

Daaquam Lumber Maine Inc. is a subsidiary of Groupe Lebel based out of Riviere-Du-Loup, Quebec. We are a spruce and fir random length saw mill facility in the heart of Maine's North Woods. We strive to produce top quality lumber safely and efficiently from some of the best trees mother nature has to offer.



These loads are perfect for your 75' lumber cars!


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