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Jul 26, 2012 - HOn3 Scale

Blackstone Models Announces the "Chili Line" Passenger Coach 3-pack & D&RGW (EBT) 3-Bay Hoppers

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NEW!… HOn3 "Chili Line" Passenger Coach Three-Pack
Available Now!


Limited Edition release 3-Pack of "Chili Line" Jackson & Sharp Passenger Coaches

These bay window coaches were used in consists throughout the 1930s on the D&RGW narrow gauge branch line running from Antonito, Colorado to Santa Fe, New Mexico, nicknamed the "Chili Line", until abandonment of the branch in the Fall of 1941. Bay windows enabled the conductor to view the train along the sides of the consist for safety observations and eliminated the need for a caboose.

The Pullman Green "Chili Line" Passenger Coaches are designed for great looks and smooth running, boasting Blackstone Models' high quality construction, which includes individual wire detailing, brake rigging, underbody detail, factory installed couplers and our free-rolling passenger trucks. Each coach comes complete with a painted and detailed interior; which includes restrooms, seating and stoves. Each coach also features electrical pickups, which can be optionally installed for the addition of the SoundTraxx-designed Coach Lighting Decoder (P.N. 810136).

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NEW!… HOn3 D&RG W 3-Bay Hoppers
Available Now!


Available in two road numbers, these cars feature the famous Flying Grande Herald.

Although this car didn't historically run on the Rio Grande, many customers expressed a desire for hopper cars for their layout that could run with the rest of their consists. The paint scheme of the Blackstone Models' D&RGW Hoppers are based on the same protocol as other Rio Grande narrow gauge freight cars. Coincidentally, many of the EBT 3-Bay Hoppers did find their way to Colorado and northern New Mexico in later years for work train service on both the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad.

Like all Blackstone Models rolling stock, these hoppers boast the same high quality construction such as detailed brake rigging, individual grab irons and free rolling trucks. These delightful additions to your rolling stock inventory are available as road numbers 950 and 955, in both weathered and non-weathered paint schemes.

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We have been advised by BlackStone Models that:

 K-27s, New 2012 Release Coaches, Tank Cars, Boxcars and Stock Cars Are Still Available!

"We still have plenty of the third release K-27 Mikados in stock, though some road numbers are getting low. We've had a fair number of calls from dealers who thought we were sold out and at present that is not the case, so you may continue to place orders for these items."

New 2012 releases of Passenger Coaches, Box, Stock and Tank Cars are still available in both weathered and non-weathered versions.

Check our listings and order yours before it is too late!

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