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Jul 26, 2012 - HOn3 Scale

Blackstone Models will be offering their very own HOn3 Snap-Together Track w/Integrated Roadbed!

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NEW!… ProTraxx™ HOn3 Snap-Track System

 Available Fall 2012!


Blackstone Models has designed the first pieces of a complete track system specifically for HOn3. While this track is being designed and manufactured by Blackstone Models, they've chosen to design their system around the familiar Kato Uni-Joiner for a simple-to-put-together, reliable track system than can be enjoyed and appreciated by beginners or seasoned modelers alike. Kato has proven over the years that their Uni-Joiner is both robust and electrically reliable.

The first pieces to be released include 228mm straights (approximately 9") and 480mm radius curves (approximately 19"). Each piece will have one Uni-Joiner at each end. Ties have been textured, painted and scaled appropriately for HOn3. The rail is code 70 nickel-silver. This is just the initial stage in developing a complete system; BlackStone Models expects to announce the first switches a bit later in the year.


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