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“Price Matching” Policy for “On Sale” and “Reduced Price” Products

PWRS will, from time to time, put items “on sale” by reducing their prices.  These “sale” prices can result from authorized “sale pricing” from manufacturers, distributors, etc., from PWRS’s decision to attempt to clear out older or limited-quantity merchandise as we deem appropriate, and/or for other reasons.

From time to time, a customer may order an item from PWRS that subsequently goes on sale at a lower price. If an item is ordered and the price is reduced within seven calendar days of the order, PWRS will credit the difference between the price charged/paid and the sale price. The date the customer placed the order on our website or through their PORTERS Account is the date of order. This policy applies ONLY to prices listed on the PWRS website, the PORTERS Account System or listed in e-mails sent by PWRS. Note: this is not a price matching policy for prices found on other sites or in local hobby shops.

This credit will appear in the customer’s account on our administrative systems and we will e-mail the customer with the exact value of the credit.

The credit will be automatically applied to your next purchase and will continue to be applied to any future order until the credit has been fully expended. Credit can be applied to product purchases or shipping costs. The credit may be used in combination with normal payment for items exceeding the value of the credit. The credit may not be redeemed for cash value.

If the customer is a PORTERS Account holder, their PORTERS Points balance will be adjusted to reflect any changes resulting from the price adjustment. The customer will receive PORTERS Points when the credit is applied to future product purchases. The credit may not be used in combination with PORTERS Points redemption.

PWRS will make “best efforts” to identify such purchases and credit your account appropriately. Due to technical limitations, we make no guarantee the credit will be automatically applied in all cases.  If a customer has purchased an item that has then gone on sale within seven days and they do not receive an e-mail notification of an adjustment credit, the customer should contact customer service so we may verify the credit and apply it once our staff has validated its applicability.