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Here's what some of our customers are saying about PORTERS, our new Client Service Extranet system:

PWRS introduced me to the Extranet system earlier this year and I have found it to be very useful, and easy to use.

I have used it on several occasions to research items that I am interested in and I look forward to using this system many times in the future.

I highly recommend the Extranet, even if one is not too computer literate, such as I am.

I thank PWRS for allowing me to be one of the first to experience and use this system.
~ Don I
The PWRS Extranet is the best thing for modelers who wish to have outstanding customer service, an awesome search engine, a way to manage reservations and orders and an inside peek into what is being released by manufacturers before most other outlets.

New features of the Extranet allow the user the ability to manage shipments and review orders as well. In addition, there are discounts not shown on the public side. So, for the modeler that would prize the lost art of customer service, powerful account management features and special run cars and locomotives - PWRS Extranet is where you need to be!

N-Scale Fanatic!
~ David E

Here are my feelings on the Extranet. It is quite obvious that I love it!

Any model railroader not using the Extranet I feel is really missing out on the now available ease of exploring the model railroading world.

I check it daily to see what new products might have been introduced and to check on my past and current orders. I can't imagine it being any easier to use.

You just log on and take your time exploring your area of interest.

It great seeing a lot of green on the reservation sheet. That means lots of new products! Then the fun begins.

I particularly like the feature of the highlighted areas pertaining to an individual's preferences.

That makes it so easy to see at a glance what is new or available for your particular area of interest while scanning down the pages.

Pacific Western Rail was gracious enough to walk me through the use of the system but really it is quite easy and self explanatory.

I love it needless to say!

A very satisfied customer
~ Bob R.

Here are my thoughts on the Intranet order system:

-Model railroad producers are making more models than ever before, but often in small quantities. If you snooze, you lose.

-The PWRS Intranet order system puts all the product lines they offer in one place with the opportunity to easily reserve the models you want at prices you can afford. Each model has a thumb nail photo or illustration, provided the manufacturer has supplied one.

-It's easy to use. If you've shopped Amazon, you can shop PWRS.

~ Charles S
Good Evening,

Thank you very much for the call the other night. I mentioned your site and Company to a friend of mine Peter W - he is interested in the Digitrax Super Chief Radio version.

When you have a chance please call him (I have cc'd Peter on this email as well). I mentioned to him that you have an extranet and would give him the tour. By the way, this extranet site is absolutely awesome!


Kitchener, ON
~ Colin G
I found the Pacific Western Rail Systems web page several years ago while doing a web search for N Scale lumber loads.

Not long ago, I received a phone call from, I believe his name is Don Smith, who talked to me and helped me set up my Extranet Account. Extranet is easy to understand and use; it affords you many options such as tracking products that interest you; manufacturers you prefer; pre-releases, limited runs, etc.

You can easily change your selections and preferences. Another nice thing is that you can quickly check to see if a company has any new releases or upcoming releases in the pipeline. Extranet can also help the modeler on a budget by easily allowing pre-orders to be set up, so products aren't overlooked at the last minute.
~ Craig L

My endorsement:

The PWRS Extranet allows me to review/preview offerings from all of the manufacturers and suppliers of model railroad equipment from one location. There's no need to visit multiple manufacturer websites to search for items. It's all in one place. Setting preferences allows me to focus on just the items that I'm interested in - favorite railroad(s), the scale I model and the time period I model. Ordering and tracking orders is easy. This is a very convenient way to do all my model railroad shopping and ordering. I recommend it.
~ Curt G
I have found the "Extranet" very easy to use and keeping up on all the new items coming is quite easy to do thanks to the (Extra Net) personal account system...
~ Dave S
Dear PWRS,

I think this is the best system you could have set up. I can see what is coming easily without having to phone you and as soon as it has gone my goodie box stands empty.

By the way, the package arrived today. It is easy to check on a manufacturer as to what is produced and when it may be available. Keep up the good work.
~ Alastair
The extranet service by Pacific Western Rail System provides a distinct advantage to previews of new productions and preordering of coveted Model Railroad items that you can't find anywhere else. The customer service is excellent and if there are ever any problems they are handled immediately and professionally. It is my opinion that this service provides quality and value at the same time. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of it. Also, thank you very much to Phil Knox who I feel handles my orders personally.

Aurora, CO
~ Bev N

Follwing your request I can wholly recommend the extranet service following an excellent tutorial from your European representative, Christine.

I have found the Extra Net easy to navigate and my favorite part is the ability to home in on the models for my preferred roads using the preferences facility. This is in addition to the previews and first choice options on new products before they sell out. The other benefit is being able to check one's order status at any time and, of course, the sale items.

Keep up the good work which is appreciated.

Kind regards

West Yorkshire, UK
~ David I
To Future Extranet Customers,

I am a very busy person. New house, young family, sports ... you get the idea. And don't get me wrong, Dan Huberman is a really nice guy and I enjoy talking with him, but I just didn't have an hour to waste every time he called me. Usually it was to tell me about all the great stuff that PWRS was planning to bring out over the next few months, some of which I wanted but most of it I did not, but we went through the whole list anyway so that I wouldn't miss anything. Even then I would have to cut him off after about an hour, and probably miss out on something that I would have wanted.

When he mentioned that they would be coming out with a user-friendly internet ordering system, I jumped for joy. Now I can sit in front of my computer for whatever the time I have available. Sometimes I sit for as little as five minutes. When I get an e-mail from PWRS about some new item coming out in a few months, I just go to the website, log in, and place my order. It's really that simple. It keeps track of all the orders I've made so that I don't double-order anything, and it shows me at a click of the mouse exactly what I have reserved, how many, and the status of the order. It is the easiest way I've ever seen to place an order for a model railroad item, no matter what it is, and you can do it anytime of the day or night. No more missed opportunities and no more phone tag with Dan. By the way, I still talk to Dan on occasion too, and he's still a nice guy to talk to.

An Extremely Satisfied Extranet User.

Saint-Lazare, Quebec
~ David J
Dear PWRS,

Per the request you sent out, here's my testimonial regarding the Extranet:

The PWRS Extranet is a serious model railroader's dream come true! All the new and up-coming products, all at great discount rates. The "Goodie Box" is an excellent idea too.

This feature allows you to buy items, but have PWRS put them away for you until you buy additional items. This allows you to consolidate shipping charges -- especially when you're pre-ordering several items that might be released a few months apart.

The PWRS staff was most helpful in getting started and the Extranet is very simple to use. I look forward to being a customer for many years to come!

Lenexa, KS
~ Graeme S

Sorry I haven't responded earlier but the mother board on my computer Crashed and it has been a fun time getting everything to work with Microsoft Vista.

The great thing of using the PWRS Extra Net System is the ability to see what's new every week and the ability to go back and pick something up that you have changed your mind on wanting to purchase.

It has access to most model railroad links you need. You can keep track of what you have purchased on things that have not been delivered.

The best thing is PWRS will contact you if you have purchased something that they think may be wrong for you.

Also you know exactly what the cost is going to be. You can do all this from your home and with the cost of gas today that has to be a benefit.

Believe me this is the only way to purchase model railroad equipment. Being Canadian, the rise in the dollar has made PWRS competitive with most suppliers.

Hope this helps

~ Greg C

I would be very happy to provide a testimonial for you:

I have been privileged to be a Pacific Western Rail Extra Net customer since its inception. This service provides the facility to investigate what is new and coming in the railway modeling world as items are announced without having to wade through large catalogues.

The Pacific Western Rail Extra Net System, organizes these items into categories that might interest me that are easy to view.

In addition, the Extra Net System provides information on what has been ordered but not yet arrived in stock and what has arrived and is waiting for shipment.

I live in Australia and postal costs represent a major component of the cost of equipment so the information provided to me by Extranet on order status allows me to decide when an order should be shipped.

I heartily endorse Extranet as a very useful and welcome innovation in the world of model railways.

I mean what I say in the above and I'm happy to provide a reference to anyone who would like to contact me.

~ Ian W

Just a short note to express my experience with your new Extra Net System.

After JW called and explained how to use it to me, I have found it extremely easy to use. I am currently in the process of building a large N Scale layout and am currently working on Center-beam Cars and loads for them. I went to the website and to Red Caboose for their Center-beams and easily found numerous real life loads for them also.

I currently have 28 Center-beam cars from Red Caboose but as I ordered more loads than cars I need to find and purchase about 12 more instead of not using the loads. This was simple to do on your extranet feature, and as always whenever I order something JW calls me usually the next day to confirm my order and talk trains.

Keep up the good work!

Spokane, WA
~ Jeff S
I find the Extranet system very useful, both to survey what's available, and to track orders, reservations and my Goodie Box.

It's very easy to get about the system, and if you want to check something, you don't have to do it during "normal" hours, which is a big plus if you're not in PWRS's time zone.

The legend system used on the reservation and sale pages is handy, since new items are highlighted for each department and manufacturer, and your choices also show up in each department/manufacturer, after you've made them.

This sure beats magazine ads and scribbled notes.

Naperville, IL
~ Jim W
Hi there,

I just wanted to drop a line or two, to say; Thank You! PWRS, you and your staff have practically thought of everything.

The introduction of the Extra Net, is wonderful. It makes navigating through the PWRS Web, so much easier. Plus, it has different discounted prices that the regular sight doesn't offer.

Also, finding a particular item, is much easier. The short but simple tutorial is great. Keep Up the Good Job.

~ John M
Dear PWRS,

I have started to use the PWRS Extra Net System and with the help and support of your rep here in Australia and I have nothing but good things to say about it.

All the best for success with the Extra Net System.

~ John A
Here's my attempt to extol the virtues of the extranet:

At one time or another, model railroaders have received inspiration (some may call it a wild hair) at the most unlikely times. A lucid solution to a problem that has bedeviled layout construction or train operation suddenly appears.

With me, it frequently happens at night, when decent people are sound asleep. But, thanks to extranet, I can log on to PWRS's Extra Net System at any time of the day or night to see if the product I need is available, and order it right then and there.

It's fast, it's fun, it's a godsend. Put aside your fear of the unknown long enough to try it. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it.
~ John S
The new "Extranet" service being offered by Pacific Western Rail is really a great system to keep track of all your purchases, orders, and any items you may have on order. You can look over all the new items and you can take advantage of ordering all those hard to find or limited run items, all this from the comfort of home.

Its rally very simple, and if you have any questions, the staff at PWRS are always ready to help. Best of all you get great service from a very knowledgeable staff. It works for me.

A satisfied customer,
~ John S
Good morning:

Thank you for our conversation last Thursday and I look forward to receiving my Canadian Tire containers in the future.

One of the many things that impressed me with your organization is your ability to provide N Scalers with such unique products which only can be retailed by an organization like Pacific Western Rail who shares the passion of the Model Railroader for the truly unique.

Also I appreciate your efforts on my behalf in dealing with the other issue which we discussed. I eagerly await the outcome.

~ Keith D
Feeling tired, in a funk, need a fix, it all is a few key strokes away at the PWRS Extranet site.

You can cruise the site and scroll through page after page of some of the nicest model train equipment I have ever seen.

For me it is even better than a visit to the local hobby shop because I can do it all in the comfort of my home and not having to shuffle through other customers to see the inventory.

Not every visit to the extranet site means you need to buy something but you are treated to the most recent releases from the major suppliers.

If something attracts your eye it is easy to add it to your shopping cart.

I have been a customer of PWRS for a number of years and found before the Extranet often when my sales person called to update me on the new products, it was at an inconvenient time and we rushed through the process.

Today by using the Extra Net System from PWRS, I can log on and sift through the various suppliers to see what is new at my leisure.

Doing this once or so a month keeps me on top of what's available and lets me pick and chose if I want to purchase something.

For me this has worked out extremely well and if you have any questions, as always the PWRS people are just a call away.
~ Keith S
Hello Model Railroaders:

I once read that US retailers had difficulty with Canadian customers because we "vote with our wallets".

Apparently, American customers are vocal with complaints and praise, helping businesses respond; "Canadians just stop buying when they're unhappy".

I consider myself typically Canadian in that respect. When the business is on the internet and as good as the "New PWRS Extra Net System", I figure and e-mail "word of mouth" is the least I can do though.

Pacific Western Rail new "Extra Net System" is outstanding. Both simple to use and sophisticated, this is the way to shop if you're a model railroad enthusiast.

What I find particularly unique is the ability to see the entire inventory, plan for what's coming and get in on new releases and deals before it's too late.

You folks at PWRS have made us an "over the web system" with some great features that still has that personal touch.

If your customers have a computer and an internet connection, they owe it to themselves to try the New Pacific Western Rail Extra Net System.

I'm glad I took the time to sign up!

~ Kevin M
Since first dealing with Pacific Western Rail, I have used their new "Customer Extra Net System" for service and have found it to be very good.

For all orders placed, I have received Email confirmation within 24 hours of placing the order and have received very good support from the Australian PWRS agent here in Australia.

The whole PWRS web sight and "Extra Net System" is easy to navigate and gives one up to the minute information on all products, well done team.

Kind regards

Perth, Western Australia
~ Kevin U
Dear PWRS,

PWRS has "cornered the market". I have not experienced a similar, easy-to-use service...anywhere else on the net.

The review of products and ordering process is very straightforward...and the option of having items sent immediately, or withheld within the "Goodie Box" is one can save on the shipping cost by having items bundled into one complete shipment.

Bravo! Clearly, the people at PWRS have done their research, and the "Extra Net's System" ease-of-use is proof-positive of this fact.

Thank you for providing modelers with such a fine superb service!

Best regards,

Windsor, Ontario, Canada
~ Kirk B
The Extranet has been a boon to my experience with Pacific Western.

Instead of spending time on the phone with a rep trying to see in my mind what he is talking about and trying to decide if I want the product, I can now look at the products online at my leisure and get an idea of what I want.

I can also look up what I have on order with ease.

Altogether the new "Extra Net System" is a better experience.
~ Paul S
Dear PWRS,

As per your request on the experience of the extranet I offer the following comments:

I have found the extranet to be the most convenient and easiest way to build my model railroad out from scratch.

Having been an armchair modeler for over 25 years, I decided that I was finally in a position to start over. This meant that most if not all of my previous HO hardware needed to be replaced or upgraded.

The new PWRS "Extra Net System" is easy and convenient to list my favorites preferences and then to go through the current offerings and see pictures of what I am buying.

The phone help is excellent and extremely valuable for advice on which hardware to buy and what are the pros and cons of different manufacturers.

I have used the queue ("Goodie Box") system to order from different manufactures and then hold my orders until I had a larger shipment.

The shipped packages are extremely well packed and I have yet to find any damages or errors in shipments.

I view the "ExtraNet System" a lot like the old time model shops I used to visit 25 to 30 years ago when you could walk in, browse the shelves, pick out some car models, track, some buildings and maybe an engine and buy them.

The "ExtraNet System" is the same way. Browse, select the items you want, and magically a few days later they show up at your door.

No hobby shop I have been to in the last 10 years has even come close to having the stock that PWRS has.

Excellent service, easy to use and very convenient!
~ Peter E
Dear PWRS,

I was very pleased to be able to use the new "Extra Net System". It replaces a catalogue nicely and allows us to see a broad range of products by manufacturer. Another good feature is being able to assign items to a range of targets like order, wish list, etc. - all at one time. Also, being able to change your mind later (although, see the comment below).

One comment - I would have preferred to opt in rather than opting out. It took a long time to go through all of the lists initially and to check what I was interested in.

Congratulations on continuing to serve us very well.

Best wishes
~ Peter S

Pacific Western Rail Systems offers its customers an "Extra Net Service" which I would classify as "Second to None" within the Retail Model Train Industry. This service is simple to use, and is truly comprehensive. It offers areas titled "Reservation Sheet", "Sale Items", "Goodie Box", "Products on Order", "Past Orders", "Preferences", and "News".

In my opinion the "Preferences" section is fantastic. Once the customer has input their desired "Road Names", the system will highlight, collate, and display these items firstly when product searches are performed, and the "favourites" option is selected. This function is a true time saver.

The "Goodie Box" allows ordered items to be held when received by PWRS, and shipped upon customer request. This covers the discrepancies with manufacturers shipping dates, and permits different items or Purchase Orders to be consolidated for shipment if desired.

The remaining areas of the "Extra Net System", "Reservation Sheet", "Sale Items", "Products on Order" etc, function equally as well, and allow the customer to search, reserve, order, and monitor their transactions with ease and efficiency.

I highly recommend the PWRS Extranet Service to all of their customers.

Thanks again
~ Ray F
Dear PWRS;

Thanks for the invitation to give my testimonial on your extranet. Please feel free to use this as you see necessary.

Your Extranet is wonderful! Being a Model Railroad "novice" it has helped me to learn what is new and upcoming in the industry. It is simple to use (one you have a tutorial of it's features) and it has helped simplify my searches for many wanted items for my collection. The best feature of all allows the user to pick favorite road names which are highlighted in yellow for the user to quickly skip to when viewing all the various products available. Thanks PWRS for making this investment in your customers!!!

Nashville, TN
~ Ray M
This PWRS "Extra Net System" on their website is a daily addiction for which I hope no cure is found.
~ Rick C

I would like to commend you and Pacific Western's staff on the success of the "Extra Net" ordering system.

I have used this service several times now and I find that the ability to review and check up on new products at my leisure is great.

As you know, I travel frequently on business and the ability to order product at any time or day makes my life easier.

Again, your site is great and easy to use, well done.

~ Rick S
Hello Dan

I must congratulate you on the introduction of your new "Extra Net System".

I am finding that it enables me to keep up with all the new releases/announcements almost on a daily basis, often hearing about new products even before receiving details via the various manufacturer's e-mail newsletters.

It is easy to use and a very convenient way to keep track of reservations, orders, shipments, etc., to ensure that I don't miss out on any forthcoming models that are of interest to me.

This is of particular use to me as living in the United Kingdom I am able to keep right up to date with what is available on your side of the Atlantic and it is a very easy way to order the items that I require.

Keep up the good work.


United Kingdom
~ Robert T
I have been using PWRS and Ebay for my hobby purchases for the past 4 years.

However, last year the staff at PWRS took me through the "New Extra Net System" and that has changed a lot for me.

Not only have I been able to ensure that I get the new releases that I want, but I rarely use Ebay anymore.

The reason for that is that the production runs are getting smaller and if you do not have a reservation you often do not get the product and it does not show up on Ebay either.

The PWRS website with it's "Extra Net System" now lets me track my purchases and reservations. The feature of holding things in my "Goodie Box" to save on postage has made PWRS very economical as well as very easy to use.

I now purchase almost all my models through PWRS and I have found the staff very responsive to my special requests for specific model products.

All in all the direction that PWRS is going with their shop is very attractive for me and I cannot wait for the next enhancements to the "Extra Net System".

Thanks PWRS
~ Rod C
I can't believe how easy it is to use the new "Extra Net System".

It's so easy to stay updated with what is coming out, so I'll never miss out again on something that I want!

Being able to enter preferences allows me to see at a glance if an item is in my top priority.

This system is what other online shopping sites wish they were!
~ Stuart P
Hello PWRS

I just wanted to write you and send my thanks for introducing me to the Pacific Western Rail Systems new "Extra Net System".

The "Extra Net", offers me so many things, to be honest I would like to see this system in place with other retailers of non train items I frequent (I'm into astronomy as well).

I can't recall how many times before the "Extra Net" I ordered an item multiple times not remembering what's in my collection, or how many times in the past, I miss a limited availability item say from Micro trains.

The "Extra Net System" let me see what Micro Trains is releasing for the next month, I as always missed those hot items and now with the "Extra Net System" I can keep a eye on all the manufacturers I like through the "Extra Net" and watch as their new items become available.

The "Extra Net" even lets me know in advance when new items are scheduled to be released so I can pre-order them before everybody finds out and buys them all up.

The "Extra Net" also makes your job easier it's like a 24/7 online PWRS representative. And because "The Extra Net" doesn't need a coffee and cake break in the morning, you can pass those savings onto me the customer.

My collection has never looked better.

I now have items I thought I would never have, because I can keep a good eye on all the new items coming out.

I don't spend my allowance on items I already have, money saved using the "Extranet" lets me purchase 1 or 2 more items Imight not have been able to afford.

I can keep up to date with Micro Trains new releases as you publish the new months release.

The "Extra Net" is like my own personal database of what I"ve purchased, and what is in the postal system in transit to me.

Also items it keeps track of items, I may be interested in and how much time I have left to think about it, if I want to purchase them.

I can tag them as "Maybe Interested" in case I've spent this months allowance and want to get them next month or have them shelved in my "Goodie Box" for next months shipment.

The new "Extra Net System" from PWRS has allowed me to complete my train collection. Thank you so much for getting this idea up and running.

I think everybody who is a model railroader should be able to use the new "Extra Net System" and take advantage of all its wonderful features.

I remember you talking to me on the telephone telling me all its wonderful ideas and me saying well maybe I'll think about it.

Gosh I can't imagine my collection now had I not started using The "Extra Net".

I would still be scratching my head wondering were to get half of the items I have here.

Well done Pacific Western, and again thank you.

Kindest regards

~ Wayne P
Here are my thoughts on the Extra Net from Pacific Western Rail:

Extranet. Oh no! More software to remember and stumble through!

After spending time on some Model Railway sites, I want to conclude they were designed to make life difficult. Sometimes I think the web sites are perhaps a plot to make us modelers give up and order items that are close to what we want. And when my order finally arrives, it is not even close to the description.

And now Pacific Western Rail Systems has joined the fray.

Boy was I wrong. What a difference with their "Customer Extra Net System called "Porters". And it came complete with a 15 minute telephone tutorial with a helpful, patient, live person. I can review all offerings from manufactures with accurate photos and descriptions.

I can also set up my preferences so only those road names I have an interest in, are highlighted on my page.

I can review past orders, and I no longer have to visit several manufacture websites each month - just visit the Extra Net.

And lots of other features that are a joy to use.

I can't think of any more suggestions to give PWRS to make their Extra Net System more user friendly. In fact it is now fun and easy to find what I'm looking for.

Congratulations Pacific Western.

Riverview, N.B
~ Milne H
Hello Pacific Western Rail,

Sorry for not answering until now your request for testimonials re the new PWRS Extra Net System.

I didn't get time to really think about it, and also, my English is not so fluid to pass a good message that will tell the other customer how good is your extranet.

Thanks Regards
~ Nathanael P
Note-This site is dangerous!
~ Tom B

I am a VERY GREEN model railroader.

About a year ago I started searching the internet for information on the hobby. I found many other sites which were difficult to use/understand.

I have even had the unfortunate experience of paying for, but never receiving, orders on other sites...

With the PWRS site, I was able to search just about everything I could think of, and I was surprised to see the variety of models out there. Of course I could not stop there. I quickly purchased a model that arrived within a week. Since then I have ordered products from PWRS and have never been disappointed.

PWRS (Extra Net System) makes it easy for someone like myself to find and order the right items to get started in the hobby.

The customer service I have received (from PWRS) has been great! I did not realize that internet service could be so easy/friendly!
~ Garrett S
Hello Dan,

A few months ago, you enrolled me in your new Customer Extra Net Service, but I was able to do little with my model rail interest because of my heavy workload. Now that my semester is over, I have a little more time to add to my collection, as you can tell from several of my recent orders. I really do appreciate being able to browse through your catalogs; it is a relaxing thing to do at the end of a busy day.

Thanks again for this wonderful service. Browsing your website reminds me of paging through the Sears Christmas catalog (a/k/a the
~ Ron H

I think PWRS is a fantastic retailer. A pleasure to deal with and to talk with. Always willing to go "above and beyond" to help a model railroader satisfy his/her needs. They just completed a transaction with me allowing me to get shipment of 2 items large and heavy items directly from the manufacturer to me direct. This saved me a small fortune in shipping charges. They (PWRS) are awesome.
~ Robert H
Hello PWRS,

I'm writing to let you know how very much I like your PWRS web site. I check it every few days to see what's new. I especially like being able to reserve cars and engines before they are released. This way I know I'll not miss something I want.

I also use your web site as a reference. I've looked up various car and engine types to help me figure out what I've seen rolling down the rails or written about in magazines.

Another great featue is that you don't delete items from your web site once the are sold out. I frequently search eBay to try to see what is being offered that is of interest go me, but I won't bid on anything unless I can see what is being offered. Many sellers do not provide good pictures of their items so I go back to your web site to get a good look at what is being sold. This helps me decide if I really want the item or not.

I used to have a lot of hobby store web sites bookmarked on my computer. Most of them did not have pictures of their items and none of them permitted to reserve new products before their release. I finally gave up on all of them and deleted their links from my computer. I don't have time to waste and I've found that PWRS' web site gives me everything I want, and more. I somtimes feel a little guilty because I feel like I am getting special treatment.

My only question is: "Why aren't all of your customers signed up for PWRS's Extranet?"

Thanks for a great web site and keep up the good work.
~ Ed M