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User Agreement

As a user of PORTERS (hereinafter referred to as Customer), the extranet or private portion of the Pacific Western Rail Systems (Retailing) Ltd. website (hereinafter referred to as PWRS), I agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Confidentiality of Customer Data. Each and every Customer has a right to expect privacy and security in his/her orders and accounts; any administrative or other personnel employed by PWRS is required to sign a non-disclosure document and can and will be terminated immediately should PWRS learn that they have breached these fiduciary/privacy requirements regarding Customer information and/or Customer accounts.
  2. Filling Customer Orders. Every order placed through PORTERS is expected to be filled without unnecessary delay; should it be necessary to cancel any order or any single item from an order, due to inventory error, supplier disruptions, discontinuations, etc., the Customer has a right to expect that PWRS will notify him/her either by notice posted on PORTERS or by individual telephone call or email as soon as volume permits.
  3. Review of PWRS Policies/Practices. The Customer has read and understands the published policies of PWRS including the Policies relating to the use of Currency Exchange Rates (link), the Customer’s Goodie Box (link), Shipping Charges (link), and agrees to abide by them; PWRS reserves the right to modify these Policies as needed and will notify Customers of any changes in a timely manner.
  4. Importance of Customer Preferences. It is in the Customer’s best interest to advise PWRS administrative staff of his/her shipping preferences—general rules as opposed to specific instances—and of any payment issues such as maximum charges without contact of Customer or maximum per month, or pre-advisement of Customer before charging so s/he can transfer money into debit accounts, etc.
  5. Charging/Handling of Orders.
    1. Use of Customer’s Shipping Address. The shipping address of the Customer will govern the application of currency exchange rates, shipping costs, sales taxes and other practices to each order.
    2. Following Customer Preferences. PWRS will insert the shipping instructions and basic requests of the Customer to charge and ship orders according to their preferences and follow those preferences to the extent published policies, good business, and practicality allow. Unless otherwise specified, PWRS will charge the Customer for every product as it arrives and either place it in the Customer’s Goodie Box or ship it per the Customer’s pre-set command line instructions or their particular instructions on the order when placed, as expeditiously as order volume permits. Note that Customer Service issues that arise regarding a Customer’s account, in matters such as payment, shipping methods, or other issues such as road numbers or duplications, may delay service to the Customer.
    3. Special Orders. Special Orders will be confirmed by PWRS and we will notify the Customer as to the exact cost of the order (which will be subject to currency exchange rate fluctuations per PWRS’s Currency Exchange Rate Policy), the expected delivery date and whether the order is to be shipped directly to Customer or to PWRS in the usual way. No special order may be cancelled once ordered by and reviewed with the Customer.
    4. Goodie Box Handling. Default for shipping the contents of a Customer’s Goodie Box without customer request is when the value of the content of his/her Box exceeds $350.00 or when PWRS has held the contents of the Box for six (6) months, whichever occurs first.
    5. In Stock Shipping Soon. This function has a caution posted on-line under the Extranet notices, however, there’s more to it than a matter of time to process the orders as they arrive. The software does not recognize whether there is one in stock or fifty, it shows in stock so long as there is at least one; but we may have ten orders and only one to process until the rest arrive, which means that nine people have to wait until more arrive.
  6. Payment for Orders.
    1. It is generally presumed that if a Customer has a PORTERS account, he is prepared to pay when product arrives;
    2. Orders placed on PORTERS are expected to be paid within thirty (30) days, unless special arrangements have previously been arranged; and failure to arrange payment or respond to requests for payment are cause for removal of the Customer’s special privileges.
    3. Special arrangements can be paid for payment:
      1. Of product that arrives all at once and in high dollar amounts;
      2. For special orders that are high dollar and have unknown delivery dates;
      3. Under special circumstances such as loss of employment, natural disaster, temporary disruptions and other good reason.
    4. Order Cancellation.
      1. Within 48 hours of Order. A Customer may have forty-eight hours or two business days to cancel any order for any reason, provided that it is not a special order which has been discussed with him as non-cancellable once the purchase order has been submitted. The Customer needs to contact administrative staff on the toll-free number or via email; [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] are administrative emails.
      2. After 48 hours of Order. In case of error, duplication, or other valid reason to cancel any order or item on an order, Customers must contact a member of the administrative staff on the toll-free number or via email; [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] are administrative emails. PWRS reserves the right to deny cancellation of any order after 48 hours of order placement if we believe the reason to be suspect or problematic or if in the opinion of PWRS the Customer has abused this policy.
    5. Customer Service Requests.
      1. Requests for Documents. Copies of orders and invoices are not routinely emailed to Customers; copies may be requested by email to administrative emails and will be sent as time permits.
      2. Other Requests. PORTERS is designed to eliminate the need for many customer service phone calls and emails; however, a Customer may call the toll-free number at any time for help, special requests, and/or problem resolution.
    6. Customer Terms. A Customer’s Account Terms (Price Discount Rates, Payment Terms, etc.) are predicated upon the Customer managing his/her account with minimal staff intervention; if staff calls to/from a particular Customer become significant, as deemed solely by PWRS, a Customer’s Terms may be changed accordingly. Each Customer’s Account Terms are established based upon that Customer’s overall relationship with PWRS. As such, each Customer’s Terms are a private matter between PWRS and the Customer and a Customer shall not reveal his/her Account Terms to anyone other than PWRS staff. A Customer who reveals his/her Account Terms to anyone other than PWRS staff may have his/her PORTERS privileges terminated including the forfeiture of any or all accumulated unused benefits associated with his/her PORTERS account.

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