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Wal - HO Scale - RTR - 50' GACX Wood Express Reefer w/GSC Trucks -- Pacific Fruit Express (SKU 932-5494)

Wooden express reefers were a fixture of America's long-distance passenger trains from the late 1920s to the 60s. Hustling perishables to distant markets, they also carried mail, packages and nonperishable items. Easily identified by their unique shape and paint schemes, the cars also had heavy steel underframes, special trucks, brake gear, steam lines and signal equipment needed for passenger service.

Walthers all-new models are faithful replicas of the General American Express Reefers seen on virtually every railroad, and look great with streamlined or heavyweight cars. Factory assembled and finely detailed, each model also includes a complete set of add-on wire grab irons for modelers who demand ultimate realism. Each scheme is available in single and limited-run two packs with three different numbers, so you can to build a fleet in minutes.

Add variety to your express reefer fleet with this new series of cars riding on General Steel Castings Corporation's "Commonwealth" style trucks. One of the most popular trucks for cars in high-speed service in the 1930s, this sturdy design was a one-piece casting with integral journal pedestals and remained in use for many years.

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