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Atlas - N Scale - True Track Roadbed - Rail Joiners (24 pcs) (8 pack sold as singles) (SKU 150-2490)

Available On: August 1, 2008

Long known for its predominance in producing reliable, high performance track products, Atlas elevates the standard once again with its all-new line of roadbed track in N scale.

The latest addition to Atlas' highly regarded track line comes with Code 65 rail, which is smaller than similar track currently on the market, enhancing the track's scale look while at the same time allowing most equipment to operate flawlessly.

Estimated Delivery: August 2008


  • Prototypical US tie spacing
  • Code 65 rail
  • Simulated ballast roadbed
  • Mottled highlights and dark brown ties
  • Simulated ballast roadbed

  • $4.95 US