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Joes Model Train Company - Joe's Custom Weathering Dye - Limestone - 1 oz bottle (SKU 350-114)


Formulated with our own innovative liquid clear adhesive that is soluble in isopropyl alcohol and or warm water- at any time, even after it is case you want to make changes. No other weathering dye... dry powder or liquid offers this to the custom model railroader!


When dry- it won't rub off! Safe to handle!
Won't harm paint finishes!
Water or alcohol soluble at anytime-even after it's dry!
Superior adhesion even to glossy paint finishes and smooth metals.
Dries  to a flat finish!
Can be sprayed with airbrush! Sifting is recommended.
Unlimited working times!
Flip Tip Locking Cap controls dispensing without spilling.




$11.95 US