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Micro-Trains (MRC / JTT) - Z Scale - Trees - Snow Gum 1" Professional - (6pk) (SKU 489-79975923)

Available On: January 1, 2012



Now available from Micro-Trains are a variety of Z scale trees from MRC / JTT. These trees raise realism to a higher level with realistic contours, well defined foliage and no one dimensional branches or washed out tones. They are available in three categories: Super Scenic, Premium and Professional:


  • The Super Scenic Series is economical and provides already-assembled evergreen and deciduous tree species. These ready-to-plant trees are produced with a unique 3D plastic molding technique resulting in branches that reach out in four directions.


  • The Premium Series features more detail, coated metal armatures, and highly defined foliage.


  • The Professional Series trees are the most detailed trees featuring coated, bendable wire armatures, and super fine foliage for maximum reality. These trees have more defined branch structure and fuller, bolder, rounder foliage without bunching.


Snow Gum - 1 inch Professional Series - 6 pack box.


Expected Release: January 2012



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