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PWRS - N Scale - Milw Yellow 4750 PS-2 3 Bay Hopper 2nd Run Set 5 (3 car set) (SKU 1-N1038-3E)

PS2-4750 Covered Hopper Milwaukee Road - "Yellow" Scheme with Placard - 3 Pack - Set 1 of 4 Our first re-release. All new roadnumbers! ! The Milwaukee Road. It once spanned the nation from the Pacific Northwest to Chicago, over some of the steepest grades and longest tunnels in the world. It was also a grain road, moving millions of tons of this precious harvest every year in cars just like this one (only bigger). The Milwaukee is gone now, purchased by the Soo Line Railraod in 1984 and ultimately has become part of the Canadian Pacific Railway. These "yellow" PS2 - 4750 cu ft cars replaced the remaining 40 foot box cars which had been the mainstay for grain movement on the railroad. Long strings of these cars could be found in the company of older yet similar grey PS2 - 4750's and the smaller 4427 cu ft Pullman Standard covered hoppers throughout Minnesota, lowa and South Dakota

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