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Diecast Masters - HO Scale - Construction Vehicle - M323F Railroad Wheeled Excavator - Painted Safety Yellow - 33/4 x 11/3 x 13/4 inches 95 x 34 x 46 mm. (SKU 2358-85612)

Available On: November 1, 2019


Key Features of Our New M323F Railroad Wheeled Excavator

          · Detailed cab interior including removeable operator

         · Authentic Safety Yellow paint, trade dress and safety decals

         · Realistic metal rail wheels and rubber tires

         · Moveable boom, stick and bucket

         · Rotates 360 degrees on undercarriage

         · Additional attachments included

The Cat® M323 F is a versatile, high-capacity railroad wheeled excavator that gives you the freedom to move from road to rail with ease – without compromising performance. The M323F railroad excavator allows you to expand your work to new terrains.

The hydrostatic drive on rail axles provides great driving and braking performance.  Highly mobile, the M323F can travel up to 20 km/h (12 mph) on road and rails. Short radius design complies with railway-specific environments without compromising the excavators’ performance and stability.

Double cab provides comfort while meeting regulation. The advanced hydraulic system reduces the load on the engine resulting in lower fuel consumption.

The paint scheme on the M323F Railroad Wheeled Excavator is Safety Yellow – a regulation Safety bright Yellow paint used in Europe and Canada.

If you say the M323F in Safety Yellow and the M323F in CAT yellow look the same, I'll say look a little closer. When you look at the safety yellow and put it beside another Caterpillar model in standard CAT Yellow you will note that the Safety Yellow is brighter.

And, top quality and collectible packaging:

Model also available in authentic CAT Machine Yellow as Item Number 85656.

$44.95 US