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Micro-Trains - Z Scale - SD40-2 Diesel - Canadian Pacific (CP) #5583 - Red/White/Black, "CP Rail" w/Multimark (SKU 489-97001182)

Available On: October 1, 2012

These powered SD40-2 locomotives are painted red and black with white lettering and black and white ‘pac man’ Multi-Mark logo on the rear. They were built in 1972 by General Motors Diesel, Limited, (the Canadian subsidiary of the Electro Motive Division of General Motors) and wore the large ‘multi-mark’ logo that extended from the deck, across the grill to the roof of the loco. In the 1980s it was repainted and now wears the smaller version of the ‘multi-mark’ paint scheme. The ‘multi-mark’ paint scheme was first introduced in 1968 and applied to locos and cars into the 1980s.

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