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American Z Line - Z Scale - PC&F 60 Ft. Beef Reefer - Western Pacific (WP) - 4 Car Pack - Boxcar Brown w/White Lettering (SKU 163-90268-1)

Available On: October 1, 2012


A refrigerator car (or “reefer”) is a refrigerated boxcar (U.S.), a piece of railroad rolling stock designed to carry perishable freight at specific temperatures. Some of the the well insulated reefers became know as beer cars, as this was often what they carried. Manufactured by Pacific Car and Foundry (PC&F).


road numbers available:  67013, 67053, 67021, 67028


  • Etched Metal Details
  • Multi-color pad printing
  • Roller bearing trucks with blackened metal wheels
  • AZL's AutoLatch automatic couplers



$120.00 US