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P2K GP-60 Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (ATSF) #4028 Blue/Yellow "Warbonnet" scheme (SKU 920-30549)

This model will feature:

  • Powerful motor with 5-pole skew wound armature, dual flywheels and bronze oilless bearings.
  • DCC Ready
  • 3 types of brakes: Lever, Wheel and Released Wheel

EMD'S GP60 - Prototype History
The early GP60 demonstrator units were built in late 1985 but it wasn't until early 1988 that EMD sold their first unit to SP. Even though it had a late start, the GP60 had a long production run of almost 300 units. In addition to the three EMD domonstrators, the locomotives were delivered to five roads: ATSF(40, DRGW(3), NS(50), SP(100), and SSW(95). In later years these locomotives were passed on to BNSF (from ATSF). and UP (from DRGW, SP and SSW). The railroads could choose from a variety of options to customize the GP60 to suit their needs. All were equipped with dynamic brakes, and all but ATSF preferred the larger fuel tank. Most had air conditioning units atop the cab with NS being the only exception. Wheel handbrakes and cab headlights were the norm, with only ATSF opting for the low nose headlight and the lever style handbrake.

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