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American Z Line - Z Scale - Heavyweight Baggage Car w/Arched Roof, Utility Vents, 1 Window Door/ 2 Window Door - Canadian Pacific (CP) - #4317 - Maroon/ Black Roof/ Gold Lettering (SKU 163-71641-2)

Available On: March 1, 2013


Well pack your bags folks… the baggage cars are here!

The cars feature:

  • The cars feature prototype specific details such as roof and vent configurations as well as distinctive number of windows per door.
  • Three axle trucks
  • Smooth runningI
  • Inset window glazing
  • Intricate pad printing
  • Prototype accurate details
  • Adjustable diaphrams. The diaphrams are an interesting feature. They extend out, but will push in if touching another diaphram when going around tighter radius curves.

AZL is releasing a mix of road names to get started!

$53.00 US