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NARC - N Scale - High Performance MagnaLock Brake Lines - 10 Pair Conversion Kit (SKU 11-AIR-10N)

Available On: June 1, 2013

This kit contains ten pairs of North American Railcar Corporation N Scale MagnaLock Air Lines for conversion of existing locomotives and rolling stock. Each conversion requires one pair. It looks like the real thing, it couples like the real thing and most importantly, it uncouples like the real thing. 

Conversion instructions are shown below in the video, illistrated instructions can be downloaded below:


  • Can be retrofitted to virtually any car or locomotive, regardless of manufacturer
  • Compatible with Micro-Trains and other popular couplers
  • Hoses made of rubber for authentic appearance and flexibility
  • Hands-free operation - connects and disconnects like the real thing
  • Reversible, automatic operation regardless of orientation of car or locomotive

N Scale Product Demonstration Video:

N Scale instructional installation video:

(Click On Picture Below)

$34.98 US