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Wheels of Time - N Scale - 50-ft PC&F Insulated Loader-Equipped box car - Wisconsin Central (WC) #12135 - Mineral Red/Orange (SKU 805-61042)

Available On: December 1, 2013


 Not your average box car ... incredibly popular among shippers numbering beyond the hundreds of thousands. These specially equipped insulated box cars were cushioned from slack action, protected with load equipment to prevent shifting loads, and insulated from extremes in temperature. Serving the food industry primarily, they were used by any shipper requiring a constant temperature and a nice cushioned ride.

These 70-ton Plate C cars were considered bunkerless refrigerator cars or insulated box cars and carried the mechanical designation of RBL or XLI, respectively. They were assigned to temperature sensitive commodities such as dried foods, canned goods, jar goods, drinks, packaged foods (rice, pasta, cereals), pet foods, nursery plants, seeds and xmas trees. PC&F (now known as PACCAR) had it’s beginnings making railroad logging cars. But the company has a varied history: they were involved in making the armour for Sherman tanks during WW2, OEM of heavy duty trucks (Kenworth c. 1945, Peterbilt c. 1958), and of course, specialized in refrigerator car manufacturing & repair, finally exiting the railroad OEM business in 1984. It continues today as a one of the largest class 8 truck manufacturers worldwide.


Wisconsin Central purchased our large batch of these ex-Espee cars. These cars were equipped with 20 inch hydra-cushion devices and were insulated. A number of these WC livery boxcars are still being used today working for its third owner, Canadian National.

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