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SoundTraxx (Blackstone Models) - HOn3 Scale - Frameless Tank Cars - Union Tank Line (UTLX) - #55339 - yellow lettering, Gramps logo (SKU 678-340656)

Available On: August 1, 2013


The 2013 release of Frameless Tank Cars includes three new road numbers. These cars come in both weathered and non-weathered paint styles, with yellow lettering and the "GRAMPS" logo.

These models represent the frameless tank cars that traversed the Denver and Rio Grande Western and the Rio Grande Southern Railroad's track throughout Colorado from 1939 and into the 1960s.

Originally built from former standard gauge cars in the early 1930s, many of this class had the prominent silver letters of the "GRAMPS" logo emblazoned across their sides around 1939 while transporting oil from Chama, New Mexico to the Alamosa, Colorado refinery. The oil field near Chama was owned by Lafayette "Gramps" Hughes who had leased the cars.

$67.95 US