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Micro-Trains - N Scale - EMD FT A/B Locomotive Cotton Belt # 913 - Black Widow w/white lettering - SOLD OUT at Micro-Trains - 2 Left! (SKU 489-99200032)

Available On: November 1, 2002

Called by some The Diesel that Did It, the EMD FT hit the rails in late 1939. Powerful, reliable and cheap to operate and maintain, the FT is the diesel that prompted many railroads to replace their steam fleets. FTs were purchased by an amazingly large number of railroads, and ultimately saw service in virtually every corner of the country.
Micro-Trains FT diesels are faithful replicas of these legendary locomotives. The models come in powered A/B sets featuring railroad-specific detailing, including body styles, dynamic brakes and headlight arrangements. A/B sets are either drawbar or coupler connected as appropriate for each roadname. Under the injection-molded styrene body these smooth-running units pack a dual flywheel-equipped five-pole motor mounted in a heavy diecast frame and feature the prototypical truck spacing found on their full-sized counterparts. Other details include etched-metal grilles, applied grab irons, modeler-installed diaphragms, accurate paint schemes and factory-installed Micro-Trains couplers. The units are DCC decoder ready. All roadnames and roadnumbers are limited run.



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