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Kato - N Scale - EMD E5A Silver Streak Zephyr Starter Set (includes M1 Unitrack Basic Track Oval w/ Power Pack) - Chicago Burlington Quincy (CB&Q) - RE-RELEASE (SKU 381-1060041)

Available On: June 1, 2022

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Long held as the gold standard for passenger trains, Kato USA’s Classic Name Train series is now making its first foray into the world of one-package starter kits! Easily our most lavish Starter Set ever, the Silver Streak Zephyr N Scale Starter Set will include a complete “Silver Streak Zephyr” train set, consisting of an E5A locomotive with skirted trucks and five beautifully detailed and painted Budd Corrugated passenger cars, a complete oval of Kato UNITRACK and a reliable and easy to use Kato Power Pack! This reasonably priced set will catch the eyes and hearts of modelers both young and old! This set will fit in the same space in your store as the basic M1, making it perfect if your store has limited available space for the full sized P42 Amtrak or Super Chief Passenger starter sets.


Every hobby begins with a single step; start off on the right foot with a Kato UNITRACK Starter Set! Each starter set comes with a complete oval of track, a Kato Power Pack, a locomotive, three cars, a re-railer, and an instruction book on how to assemble and care for your new Starter Set. From then on, the sky's the limit thanks to UNITRACK's modular snap-track design. Build a complex basement layout, or keep it simple so that you can take it out in evenings; anything is possible with UNITRACK!

$350.00 US