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SoundTraxx (Blackstone Models) HOn3 Scale - 6000 Series Flat Car - Painted - UnLettered (SKU 678-340305-run2)

Available On: June 1, 2014

The third release of  Flatcars will be available in four new D&RGW road numbers and a new RGS road number. This run also will include a re-release of the painted, unlettered version. These models represent D&RGW Flatcars that ran throughout much of the early 20th century and into the 1940s. They will be painted in freshly shopped Boxcar Red and will feature wood-grain decking.


High Quality Die Cast and Injection Molded Plastic
Ready-to-run, Arch Bar Trucks and Kadee® 714 Couplers
Prototypically Accurate
Individual Wire Detailing
Painted and Lettered for Multiple Road Numbers
Individual Wire Grab Irons
Brake Rigging and Underbody Detail

$49.95 US