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Kato - N Scale - 3 Stall Roundhouse - Fits and used with Unitrack Modular Electric Turntable (6*) (SKU 381-23240)

Available On: December 1, 2014


At long last! The final component of the Kato UNITRACK Electric Turntable assortment will be available at the end of November! Complete your turntable with the N Scale three-stall roundhouse!

The Roundhouse is a 30° section (just like the track segments on the turntable), and multiple roundhouses can be placed adjacently to create larger roundhouse structures, each in three-track segments.

Inside each roundhouse are three 186mm (7 5/16”) tracks which will align with the UNITRACK turntable’s #20-285 straight extensions. The Roundhouse comes fully assembled and ready to be placed on your layout!

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$59.00 US