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Kato EMD SD70Mac w/Cab Headlight - Conrail (CR)(Blue w/White Lettering, "Conrail Quality") - Road Number 4133 (SKU 381-1766305)

This version selected has headlights located on the cab (above windshield), Isolated Cab, and HTCR Phase 2 trucks. (HTCR Phase 2 trucks are different from HTCR II trucks as found on SD80MAC and SD90MAC locomotives). Selecting the Phase 2 truck, instead of Phase 1, allowed Kato to produce the BNSF Heritage II scheme AND the Green and Cream scheme. The truck version they have selected would not be correct for locomotives lettered Burlington Northern. If they had selected the Phase I truck, then BNSF Heritage II, CSX, and Conrail would not be possible.

$105.00 US

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