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PWRS UP Super Set 3 Bay PS2 MKT Set 4 (2 sets left) (SKU 1-H1124-3D)

4750 PS2 Covered Hopper
Union Pacific Super Set! - Missouri Kansas & Texas (MKT) Reporting Marks
- Note the two different positions of the UP herald ? we have modelled both!

After many of their major mergers Union Pacific repainted their newly acquired freight cars in UP colors, but kept the reporting marks of the original railroads or subsidiaries. Fallen Flags we have included in our "Super Set" are Chicago North Western (2 sets), Missouri Kansas & Texas, Missouri Pacific, St. Louis Southwestern (Cotton Belt) and Western Pacific. Also in the series we have MHC, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of ConAgra Inc. (CAGX) and Union Pacific itself.

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