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Canadian Freightways Company History

Original CF

In 1935, Chris Mikkelsen began what would later become Canadian Freightways with the purchase of a year-old Pontiac truck. Based in Lethbridge, and operating under the name Chris Transport, this one man, one truck operation began operating between Lethbridge and Coutts, Alberta.

In 1938, Chris Mikkelsen saw an opportunity for change, and he contacted U.S. based Consolidated Freight Lines to establish an interline partnership.

In 1940, Chris Transport expanded to operate between Regina nd Lethbridge, nd the company was renamed "Canadian Freightways"

After years of expansion and acquisitions, by 1948 the company had outgrown its small startup office, and it relocated to Calgary.

Red/green CF
The 1950's were marked by further acquisition and expansion, including Continental Carriers out of Vancouver and Grande Prairie Transport out of Grande Prairie.

By 1961, Canadian Freightways had over 500 employees.

Important efficiency innovations occurred through the development of triple trailer technology, spearheaded by President Leonard Huyser.

The 1970's saw the development of new employee-focused programs designed to attract and retain top quality team members and to foster loyalty and team work.

Canadian Freightways expanded to Kamloops, Saskatoon, Kelowna, Penticton and Vernon. Eastern expansion also grew to include Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal.

Changes to the Motor Vehicle Transportation Act, and the introduction of a deregulated operating environment inspired Canadian Freightways to implement a renewed focus on customers and how to best respond to their transportation needs. That focus remains a driving force to this day.

Service to Southwestern Ontario began, and further expansion took place to the Kootenay and Cariboo regions of B.C.

Canadian Freightways

By the end of 2002, Canadian Freightways' service network spanned across Canada and into the United States.

In January 2004, Canadian Freightways and its affiliates were purchased by TransForce Income Fund, recently named Canada's largest freight carrier.

Today, Canadian Freightways is backed by 1,200 knowledgeable team members, all of whom are committed to the success of the organization, and to providing world-class supply chain solutions that help our customers become more powerful competitors.

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