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American Z Line - Z Scale - Train Set - EMD F3A-B Locomotive (DCC Ready) Set with passenger cars - Northern Pacific # 6504 & 6504 B & 8 car North Coast Limited Set (SKU 163-70033-North-Coast)

Available On: October 1, 2015


North Coast Limited Train Set:

Two 7A3 engines: 6504 and 6504B

This eight car set represents the ‘North Coast Limited’. Each car is unique to this

set and not available separately. The set containers the following cars:

70033-­North Coast NORTHERN PACIFIC North Coast Limited Set

8-­1-­2 Pullman Sleeper -­ CHIEF MANY HORNS

8-­1-­2 Pullman Sleeper -­ CHIEF RED THUNDER

8-­1-­2 Pullman Sleeper -­ CHIEF STANDING BULL

NP 36 Seat Diner

NP Paired window coach

NP REA Baggage Car

NP RPO Mail Storage Car #92

NP Observation Car


$1119.98 US