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Kato - N Scale - P42 "Genesis" Amtrak Phase IV (1st Run Road Numbers # 5 & 52) (SKU 381-1066102)

The Amtrak P42 locomotive was pre-dated by the P40, which was originally known as the AMD-103, or ''Genesis'' locomotive. ''Genesis locomotive'' collectively refers to the P40, P42, and P32. (The P32 is a third-rail capable locomotive that operates only in the Northeast). The P40 was originally delivered in 1993 with the first order of P42's following in late 1996 and early 1997. The P40 is a 4000 horsepower locomotive, while the P42 is a 4200 horsepower locomotive. External details on the P40 and P42 are very similar with the P42 lacking the warning lights and hostler window of the P40. With Amtrak realizing that the warning lights flashed back into the cab, and the hostler window was not necessary, the P40s were modified so that they are virtual carbon-copies of the more numerous P42. Amtrak rosters a total of 44 P40 locomotive and a whopping 207 P42 locomotives. Kato has chosen to produce the P42 locomotive based on the large numbers of P42's that have been produced, coupled with the fact that Amtrak is rebuilding their P40's to resemble P42's. Amtrak's P42 and P40 locomotives have virtually replaced the EMD F40PH, once the mainline passenger locomotive of choice. As of today, there are only 6 F40PH's in active service, although additional F40PH's are occasionally called upon in emergencies. NULL We have produced three road numbers in the Phase III and Phase IV schemes because most trains operate with two or three locomotives. NULL It was common practice for Amtrak to mix Phase III and Phase IV paint scheme locomotives when building a train for its journey. NULL Models are available in Phase III and Phase IV Amtrak schemes. There is even a single unit in the Northeast Corridor scheme! NULL All models are equipped with Kato's five-pole motor with dual brass flywheels. NULL Factory equipped with our new fully-automatic knuckle couplers. NULL Front and rear Bright White LED Headlights will be equipped with a ''flicker free'' circuit. This built-in capacitor will eliminate the flickering light effects of ''back EMF,'' often caused when the electrical current to the model is temporarily interrupted. This usually happens when crossing over a turnout and the model ''thinks'' it is about to reverse direction. NULL ''DCC Friendly'' for easy drop-in installation of digital decoder. NULL Highly-detailed printing with warning labels and builder plates.

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