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NARC - HO Scale - PS 5077 Cu Ft - 50ft Boxcar - Lot 9831-1 - Seaboard Systems (SBD) ex Railbox (Yellow with Black Lettering / Blue & Red Logo) single car (SKU 11-33003003-single)

Available On: September 1, 2020

Body Version 9831-1 Car (with 10 side posts)


Lot 9831 Version 1 – SBD (Railbox patch)


Lot 9831 was Pullman’s third order for their 5077 cubic-foot single door box cars, built at the Bessemer, Alabama plant 8=11/75. 1500 cars were built for American Rail Box Car Company for general service and placed into series RBOX 15000-16499. In 1983, 676 cars from RBOX 15000-15675 were transferred to SOUTHERN ownership and put into the SOUTHERN 15000-15675 series, with only the reporting marks changed. 386 cars (RBOX 15676-16061) were transferred to ATSF 51336-51712, 218 cars (RBOX 16062-16279) to C&O 400305-400522 and 220 car (RBOX 16280-16499) to BN 249249-249460. The 218 cars assigned to C&O were later assigned to SBD 141306-141522. The SBD marked cars got patched reporting marks and the first three digits of the C&O number were changed from “400” to “141” (i.e. C&O 400306 became SBD 141306). Features include:

  • Type 2 body with 10 side posts (5 on each side of the 10-foot centered door) with all 10 side posts being fabricated from hat-section channels
  • Type 2 side sill
  • Pullman’s proprietary 15-panel “bow-tie” roof
  • Pullman’s N4/5 “sine-wave” corrugated ends (with narrow top corrugation)
  • Pullman’s embossed-panel sliding doors
  • Ellcon-National hand brakes
  • Type 3 stirrup steps
  • Rigid (non-cushioned) underframe
  • Horizontal-lever brake gear
  • NARCorp high performance/low friction 70-ton ASF Ride Control trucks with 33” diameter metal wheels
  • Genuine Kadee #158 semi-scale magnetic couplers
  • Original “early” Railbox” livery with patched reporting marks


This highly detailed replica of Pullman Standard’s 5077 cubic-foot single door box car (Lot 9831) has been meticulously researched and designed and produced in plastic with accurate details in plastic, wire and etched metal. North American Railcar is pushing the technology envelope and offering model railroaders cars that they could otherwise never expect to be produced. The Lot 9794 PS 5077 cubic-foot box car is another example.

Road Numbers:

  • SBD 141309
  • SBD 141382
  • SBD 141441
  • SBD 141466
  • SBD 141483
  • SBD 141504




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Photo courtesy of Ron Hawkins 

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